Some highlights from my day

Bitch #1: "I'm looking for the Alabama Book"
Me: "It's called 'The Alabama Book'?"
"No, I don't know what it's called."
"Do you know the author?"
"Ok, what kind of book is it?"
"It's about Alabama."
"So a travel book?"
(now shes getting bitchy) "No, the football team!"
"Oh Ok, do you know what it looks like?"
(Now shes really pissed)
"So what do you know about it?"
"I don't know, I just want the Alabama book!"
"Ok, let me get you a manager..."


*Ringing phone*
Me: "Thank you for calling BN, this is Karen. How can I help you?"
Crazy woman: "I ordered a book. I need to know if it's come in yet."
"Did we call you?"
"Ok, when did you order it?"
"Yesterday. They said it would be 10 days. I want to know if it's come in yet."


Me: "Can I help you find anything?"
Bitch #2: "You're not by customer service"
My imagination: "No shit, Sherlock. Would you like me to walk over to customer service and then ask you again?"


Picture the line of customers. It's weaving through the store and all the cash registers are open. We're frantically trying to get these people checked out. I'm a damn good cashier and I can go as fast as need be. I finish with the transaction and hand the woman her bag -- nicely grouping the handles together so she can easily pick it up, and wish her a Merry Christmas. Then she scowls at me and says "I HOPE YOU HAVE A BETTER DAY TOMORROW" Like I had been completely rude to her. WTF?


And the man who made my day much much better: I'm looking at Shel Silverstein books (LOVE him) because there's 5 people at customer service who are in a click I'm not allowed to enter. My till's already been counted so I can't check people out. I've got 45 minutes left on my shift and nothing to do but make myself scarce and browse books. And this man and his buddy walk by debating some quote from a book. Then he sees me and says that "That was some damn fine cashiering." And tells me how I was getting people out of there quick and that's the way it should be.



Anonymous Erin said...

Holy crap, I hate our customers!!!!

8:01 PM  
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