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I've finally made some use of my Flickr account. I've uploaded two small sets. One for Christmas & one just for my shiny new kitten Captain Jack!

The Christmas set just has three pictures. One is me and mom, one is me and my siblings opening the mother-load of presents, and the other is my poor sisters dog dressed up as Santa. My dad went and bought her a Santa suit but the dog was too fat for it so he got out the sewing machine and actually bought the materials to MAKE THE DOG A CUSTOM SANATA SUIT. Now I want you to take a moment to digest that. They wanted the dog to wear a Santa suit so bad that when the purchased suit didn't fit, he went and consciously bought the materials and thread, drug out the sewing machine, threaded the needle, measured the dog, created a pattern, cut and remeasured the material, and actually MADE the suit. Yes.

The other set is just 5 pictures of my new kitten Jack. And yes, I will continue to mention him until it is absolutely clear that I do not have a life. And then I will continue to mention him so just go ahead and accept it.

Uploading photos was extremely painless. I downloaded the program for it and just drug them over from iPhoto -- didn't even have to crop or adjust or anything. I might have to do more of this.


Anonymous Izzy said...

And so begins your slippery slope of blogging about your cat...

6:36 PM  

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