On bug problems

I have something to address. Someone did a google for "family is covered in itchy bites cat and dog will not stop itching cam feel them jumping and crawling on me" today and came across my little spot here. I have a few things to say about this. First: Ew, fleas. Second: this is not a good way to search for things. When you google something, you do not spout out fragmented thoughts in a panic. Keep the three S's: short, simple, & sweet. Perhaps a better search for your query would have been "dog itchy bites" or -- hell, I don't know -- maybe even something simple like "fleas."

Also, I feel your pain. The only solution here is bug-bombs. At least 3-times the recommended amount. Yes there is that pesky urban legend about blowing up your house with bug-bombs -- but the great guys of Myth Busters tested this out for us and deemed it bullshit. So bomb the hell out of your house -- it's the only way. And wash the cat and dog and give them flea medication and flea collars and put them in the backyard where they belong. Oh and spray your yard and the entire exterior of your house with some sort of flea spray. I know this seems like overkill -- but if you miss just one flea they're going to come back with a vengeance -- kill the fuckers once and for all. It is war. This same overkill/war approach should be used with any type of bug infestation -- everything from ants to millipedes to ladybugs. And if you've never seen a house infested with ladybugs -- count yourself lucky. One lady bug is cute. A million ladybugs covering your ceiling and walls and making little "thud" noises when they fall dead to the floor is totally not cute.


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