My head hurts.

With as many times as I say "shoot me" in any given year, the fact that I'm still here while random people get shot and killed is an oddity.

And to all those who wish me to cheer up: I'm cheerful! Hey, I got a great parking space -- the BEST parking space available even. See, that's nice. Ok, so like I've said -- it's a shitty week, ok? I'll try the whole cheer up thing Friday night at around 5pm after my last final. Well, I might need that night to mourn, so give me till Saturday -- k?

Oy. There's no point in even griping about it. KILL ME NOW, PLEASE. Or don't even kill me, put me in the hospital so I can blame this semester on you instead of me -- please? Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top? And ready-whip?

And here to end the post, I will insert a "Aye Yi Yi" courtesy of the sexy mexican table-boy (Sal) who I worked with at Steak & Ale so many years ago.


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