Mixed media for the morbid

Bandaid: 18x24

Canvas, acrylic, sculpting paste, paper, band-aids, glass.

I feel much better now. However I guess I'll trash this unless some really odd person out there wants it. Maybe I could eBay it...


Anonymous Leah said...

I'm glad the art was cathartic for you. You could try and ebay it and see how it goes. Just put it in the really weird stuff category and make sure it's signed :-)

If you need someone to talk to, you can always email me or even call. I don't have as much to lose as you by any means, but I understand the pain of trying and just getting freakin' heavier. I blame the bulk of my weight on my rxn to stress in all it's various forms (esp stress eating and not sleeping).

3:18 PM  

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