Let us welcome the new edition to the family.

Am I pregnant? No (that would require me getting laid). But I have gone out and fetched a new critter. His name is Jack. Jack the cat. I adopted him from the petstore yesterday afternoon. Technically, and more accurately, I "purchased" him. Him and a hundred and fifty dollars worth of cat "accessories."

He's just a kitten -- but not the tiny puffy-eared kind. My mother estimates that he is around three months old. So I've decided to declare that his birthday shall be celebrated every halloween. He's such a sweetie! I've never seen a cat that wanted so much attention -- nor has any one whos seen him. He just wants you to pet him. Forever. And god forbid you stop petting him to sleep -- that simply won't do. He has no aversion what-so-ever to anyone just scooping him up at any time -- for that means you might pet him. Sadly this has already led to his dislike of my laptop. The laptop takes my attention away from him. The laptop is bad.

Wanna hear how I got him? K. I thus present "The acquisition of Jack:"

So I was at Dad's house yesterday petting Penny. I half jokingly mentioned to my sister that Penny should come home with me. This led to her saying shed buy me a cat if I wanted one (that is after she tried to get me to take the other cat, Tiger). Dad heard this from the other room and they both jumped on the "I'll take you to get one right now if you want it" bandwagon. So after much trepidation on my part and encouragement from the two of them, I agreed. So dad and me went to PetSmart to look at the cats.

They had about 6 cats there. "Screamer" was the youngest. I instantly knocked out two of the ones that seemed too old and wouldn't give me a second glance much less come to the door when someone entered. I also eliminated one of the young ones who bit my finger. No biters. There were two I liked though. Screamer the beige tabby and Pancake the orange tabby. I was partial to Pancake because I wanted a orange tabby. They both loved the attention I gave them so that made it hard to choose. I then saw another cat -- but he instantly made a run for it. He was out. That led dad to say that any of them would do that if given the chance.

So I had the lady get out Screamer again. I tested him. I set him on the floor. He just stayed at my feet looking up at me to pick him back up. Ok. So I did the same thing with Pancake. Pancake walked away and hissed at my attempt to pick him back up. Well fuck you too, Pancake.

So I filled out the papers for Screamer. What a sweetheart! Two little girls who were looking for cats wanted him. But I had got there first. I didn't even feel bad about it. Does that make me evil? I wanted Screamer too -- and anyway, I called it first. One of the moms told the little girl that they'd have to "come back for screamer." Liar. We bought everything in the world that he would possibly need and he came home with me!

I had wanted to go with a name like Pavlov or Newton or Einstein or maybe Magellan. But nothing like that seemed to fit him. So I named him Jack. Everyone has fallen in love with him. He loves attention and he loves to play.

My nephew Cole came to visit him this morning. He asked me what the rest of his name was. I told him it was just Jack but Cole just couldn't accept that there wasn't more to his name. So I went with the first thing that came to my mind -- I told him it was Jack Sparrow (thats for you, Johnny Depp). This pleased mom greatly and she added that it was CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow. So now everyones calling him Captain Jack.

Hes sitting in my lap pawing at my hands as I type this. He'll go home to live with me in Huntsville on Thursday :) Expect lots of mentions of him. Oh and pictures. I'd post a picture but I'm on dial-up and that's just not cool. I'll post one first thing this weekend -- I promise.

And just a passing thought here... would it be mean to dye him blue? That's animal cruelty isn't it? Yeah... I mean that would just be mean. Don't you think?


Anonymous Leah said...

it'd only be mean b/c he'd lick off the dye, and you don't want him to get sick.

now, if you could find a dye that was nontoxic for pets . . .

9:54 PM  

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