I'm thinking of getting a cat.

Yes. I have let it enter my brain that a pet might be a good idea of me. I'm lonely all the time -- wouldn't a little kitty to play with and let sleep in my lap while I surf the net help that? Obviously a boyfriend would be the better option, but against all efforts I have discovered that I can not buy one of those at the pound.

There are problems in this idea though, and that's why I'm "thinking of getting one" rather than posting that I purchased a cute little kitty today. First and not as importantly, I'm always the one bitching about animals and peoples pets -- not the person you'd expect to run out and buy one. Second and the most important problem: pets are not allowed in university housing. This means that were I to be caught with a cute little kitty, I'd be kicked out and banned. That would lead to a major problem of having no place to live, no friends to put me up, and no money to get a place to live. Not to say that people don't have pets here. There's a little black cat that's always perched in the window of 608B that no one ever seems to mention. And Meredith had a dog for a few months. Of course that dog was why she got kicked out -- but they had been looking for a good reason to get her ass out for a while (I guess the gay guy on the couch and the stolen laundry room furniture weren't quite reason enough. The most action the furniture got was a pink note taped to it that said it had to be returned to the laundry room).

So I'm at a dilemma here. I know a cat isn't a particularly good solution to my problems -- but isn't it a cute and quick one? And It could sleep in my lap, and I could play with it, and I could take it home with me when I visit my family (which is very rare now that I work weekends). I can't buy cute and cuddly people company, but I can buy a kitten.

Any opinions on this?


Anonymous Leah said...

what about a hamster? I'm sure that'd be much lower maintenance, less of a committment, and more legal in uni housing.

my hammie is pretty cute, and she's friendly too. just play with a few of them to see which one you like (ie which one doesn't bite at all and actually likes to snuggle some).

a guinea pig is also another good pet option.

5:04 AM  

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