Home for the holidays

Tomorrow I'm going "home for the holidays." I've been looking forward to going home, but now that it's the night before, I'm not so sure. Sometimes when I go home to visit my family it goes great and I'm sad when I have to leave. However sometimes... well not so much.

Last year when I went home for Christmas, it was an absolute disaster. I ended up retreating to another state to spend a week with a friend simply because I HAD to get away and had no where else to go. I also ended up losing my voice for three months. Yep. Of course there were other variables that affected this. One, I had been banished to CCRH which closed for December meaning I had no where to go. Two, I had also just switched from Zoloft (which made me worse) to Cymbalta (which made me even worse than the Zoloft did). At least I had Klonopin though. I won't have Klonopin to get me through the holidays this year. I predict hives. Lots of them.

So I hope it goes well. Like I said, I have been looking forward to it. I'll spend weekdays there and weekends here (I still have to work).

*Deep breath*

It's gonna go well. It's gonna go well. It's gonna go well.


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