Fuck Compass Bank

Compass bank fucked me over for over a hundred dollars. Now I know a hundred dollars is a lot to anyone, but to me, who usually has 5 dollars and no savings, a hundred dollars is like the holy grail. How did they screw me, you ask? Well, I'll tell you.

I bounced a check out of ignorance. This happened thursday/friday -- there is some debate but it's moot. I know this, I felt bad about this -- it was ignorance on my part. I had the money, just not in the right place. But fret not, for on the way to work Friday morning (8:30am) I dropped off my paycheck. Yay! Then when I got off work (5pm) I swung by and deposited even more money. So as far as I knew, the account was spiffy on Friday. But no. No no no. Compass decided to hold my pay check. Compass didn't tell me that. So the pay check didn't go in Friday like it should have. In fact due to a horrible domino affect cause by Compass fucking me over Friday, me not knowing they fucked me over on Friday, and sporadically depositing and removing money all week (and no one ever thought to mention that there was a problem even though I went by the bank at least twice -- by the time I found out about the problem on Thursday, I had acquired 4 late fees of 36 dollars each.

Well, I don't give a shit what they say -- those late fees are not my fault. They didn't tell me they were going to hold my pay check. And why the fuck would they hold my pay check? They think B&N, a HUGE national chain that owns multiple businesses isn't going to honor a 70 dollar paycheck they printed just 3 days earlier? And why the fuck didn't they think to mention that my account was negative on any one of the two or three times I stopped by the bank to make deposits?!

I went to the bank to talk to a manager about it. They won't give me my money. They took off ONE of the fees (when I was only 50 fucking cents short for the transaction, which is a miracle considering they slapped me with NSF fee after fee). So yeah, they fucked me over for more than a hundred dollars. I don't have a hundred dollars to spare. So you know what they fucked me out of? My Christmas present money.

Uhuh. I've had such a horrible week -- almost month even, and I've so been looking forward to Christmas. I've been super careful to save the money to buy everyone GOOD Christmas presents this year and then the bank screws me out of a hundred dollars.

So yeah, this happens Friday morning when I should have been studying for my exam which I would have to take directly after work. However rather than study, I was pissed as fuck. I've had a lot of trouble with Compass over the year and I always hear of people having trouble with them. The people are rude, they treat their customers like shit (I have a checking account that has no required minimum balance but once they refused to give me 20 dollars when I was depositing a 4000 dollar financial aid check because I only had 25 dollars in my account -- yeah, thats beyond wrong if you ask me). So I closed the fucking account right then. I'm tired of dealing with those bastards.

So I left there and went over to Wachovia and opened up a new account with them. And you know at work I was bitching to high heaven about being screwed so badly, and 3 other people (workers, not customers ;) ) had had huge problems with them too. So that settles is -- COMPASS BANK SUCKS ASS.

Oh, and if you're wondering, I still bought my Christmas presents. I've been hoarding 2 sets of money -- one, the money that was given to me for my birthday -- and two, the money I've been saving for Christmas. So I used my birthday money for Christmas. This has lead to much pity from everyone I've told. That money was given to me with the stipulation that I spend it on myself. And I wanted to spend it on myself, I was just waiting to decide exactly what I wanted to do with it (Clothes, fun things, hair done, or maybe get a kitty cat). But fret not because I was SO UPSET about it (I cried) and everyone feels so terrible that my moms going to replace that money for me -- isn't she a sweet heart?

So the moral of this post:

COMPASS BANK SUCKS ASS. Do NOT -- I repeat do NOT give them your money. You can get better service and better options with other banks. Like Wachovia.

Why the fuck would they hold my paycheck? You know why? Cause they could charge me tons of money in fees if they held it and didn't tell me about it.



Blogger Matt said...

Seriously? Some checks take 2 to 3 days to clear, while direct deposit is usually immediate, and yes i said usually. Also if you deposit money after 1300 ,or 1400 for some banks, that money is usually considered to be deposited for the next business day. Therefore if you put in cash on friday at 1700, it would clear the bank on Monday night. Sounds like a very hard lesson to learn.
On the other hand, might want to consider dealing with cash for some things. I have never seen cash bounce or charge extra fees. As Dave Ramsey says "cash is King"

6:34 AM  

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