A dream with not-so-hidden meanings

In this dream I was in some kind of organized exercise group -- perhaps like on the show "The Biggest Loser." Whatever it was, we were given tasks to do and pushed on by some sort of coach. In particular, we were to run up 100 flights of stairs. We were to do this everyday until 4 people could run all the way to the top. It was obvious that I wouldn't be one of those 4, but I was surprisingly happy to compete against myself doing it. So everyday I'd run up as many flights as I could. I could make it to the 68th floor every time. (Any connection to being stuck at a certain weight for a long time -- nahhhh). And to get back down, we'd slide down this sort of odd slide.

There was a guy there -- he wasn't involved in our exercise group, but I'd pass him on the way down everyday. We'd talk with each other everyday and we got along great. The role of this stranger was played by Heath Ledger in my dream -- so needless to say this represented a man I was attracted to. So it was that everyday I'd run up as many flights as I could (always 68, but I was very pleased with myself for making it that far), and on the way down I'd run into my "crush" and we'd get along surprisingly well.

Then one day, I saw him surrounded by a group of girls who were obviously fawning over him. They were all attractive thin blond girls. He could easily have his pick of any of them and there was no way I could compete with their looks. Obviously, this made me much less of a person in comparison and I decided for the both of us that he'd rather talk to them than me.

So the next day, I slide down the slide backwards so I wouldn't have to see him and to make it blatantly obvious that I didn't care about his new following (yes yes, total lie). And he turned his head as I passed him by, obviously hurt that I didn't stop. This went on for a few days.

Then the next day, I proceeded to slide down backwards to avoid him but he caught me in my slide.

And that was the profound moment of the dream. He had caught me in my fall -- he wanted to be with me and not any of the group of gorgeous girls who were fawning over him. And in my self-consciousness, I had hurt his feelings. HIS feelings.

And it was wonderful -- I was totally kissing Heath Ledger after he confessed his love for me. Can I get a *SWOON*?


Dammit someone catch me already!


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