Best Buy wants you to get mugged.

I saw a man today who had just purchased 3 brand new Apple iPods. How did I know? He was browsing B&N with them in a perfectly clear bag.

If I just purchased a thousand dollars worth of shiny new electronics that are quickly becoming hard to find for the holiday season, I wouldn't flaunt it around in a clear plastic bag. I, personally, would rather put them in a cheap brown bag so they looked like something from the dollar store. Then I'd hold them under my coat and close to my heart.

Think about it -- if you wanted to mug someone, you could just camp out in the parking lot and have a perfect view of everything a customer just purchased -- wait for a prime candidate (like 3 small (and therefore easily swiped) iPods worth a easy thousand any day of the week and worth even more if you get them on eBay with a guaranteed before-Christmas delivery date) and bam, you're rich. Thanks, Best Buy.


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