And presents under the tree...

I have finally put the presents under my tree! I'm excited! Of course I'm about to pack them up to take them to Birmingham to put under moms tree -- so the thrill won't last long.

I can't wait till we celebrate Christmas at MY house -- with the huge dinner and everyone opening presents and watching "Christmas Vacation" on the couch. One day :) This is the first year I've decorated my place and had my own tree though -- so having a load of presents under it is awesome!

I think I did well on the gifts this year -- I tried to get everyone things they will really like rather than just some odd decoration to be set on the coffee table. And I had so much fun doing the shopping that I picked up a few things for mom to give my sisters (not wrapped yet). Ohhh I also got my nephew a Christmas book with a little piano attached -- remember those? And you play the music by hitting the numbered keys: 5 5 5 6 7 8 12... And I think I might have run the battery down a bit playing christmas carols last night... I'm gonna give it to him tomorrow :)

Merry Christmas, yall!

PS, does anyone know where I can find a NICE santa hat? I want one to wear to work (I have to close on Christmas Eve). I used to have one from Hallmark that was gorgeous pressed red velvet. I don't like those cheap ones. I want to invest in a nice one to have for a few years to come. Any suggestions?


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