7 Months Post-Op

Wow, everyone in my family wears the same size now... INCLUDING ME! HA! My mom pulled out some shirts she picked up at old navy to get my opinion. She could keep them for herself but she didn't need them. Then she thought about giving one to C and one to J or maybe H -- but she wanted me to see if I wanted one. I was like "what size are they?" And she told me and I was like -- dude, we all wear the same size now?

And also my mom had some jeans that happened to be my size too - this is so weird. Everyones gained weight except for me and mom.

On one hand I'm like "BOOYAH!" But on the other I feel really bad. I mean how bummed must my sister be to be "as big as Karen." My sisters have always taken comfort in the fact that I'm (technically -- WAS) bigger than they are. Fuck it -- they can get therapy if they have a problem with it ;)

BTW, it's 7 month post-op time. Well, it was 3 days ago, anyway. I lost a little bit more this past month -- and lost in measurements too. Now I'm a solid 70 pounds down from April and 58 from surgery. So still going slow... but at least it's going -- and in the right direction.

Tonight me and mom walked up the street to My brothers house. Before, I sadly admit that this short uphill walk would have left me breathing heavier -- but tonight I could have easily sprinted up there and been no worse for wear. I felt good about that.

So I am forever thanking everyone who continues to support and encourage me. I know I'm not the easiest person to encourage and sometimes it seems like I don't hear a word you say -- but I promise I do :)

And my hair looks better too -- no more roots. YAY!


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