Why I will never get lip injections

Since the initial 2 or 3 month outbreak of hives, I've been relatively hive-free. Of course I've also been on two different prescription allergy medications. No matter. I figured if I'm hive-free, there's no point in buying a 70 dollar prescription I don't need.

So I let it run out.

Since making that genius decision, I have broken out in hives 4 times. And this morning... This morning I woke up and my lips were swollen. A lot. I knew something felt funny -- then I looked in the mirror. Damn. I guess that's why god made me white.

I like my lips the way they are -- and the way they are is super thin. I've never considered getting lip-injections and now I know for sure that I never will. Never. Ever.

It was interesting to see what they would look like though. And yes, I just ordered the prescription for overnight shipping.

And if ONE MORE PERSON tells me that this is all because of stress, you are going to be my own personal stress ball. Okay? Now, I'd think long and hard about that before you commit. Especially since I've been trying to make my Effexor prescription last a week longer than it should. That means lots of headaches and total crazy irrational-thinking and fucked up emotions.

You know, speaking of my mental disorders: What the hell makes me get stuck with having to take pills to avoid depression? Why not get stuck with pills to keep me from being manic? I mean if you're gonna be fucked up or down -- I'd pick up. Wouldn't you?


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