Trick-or-Treat ... or not.

I did not get one trick-or-treater last night. Not one. We always get trick or treaters! Hell, last year I was in a dorm and we got trick or treaters -- I ended up emptying my pantry to them. This year I was ready -- in fact I went out twice just to be sure that I had enough to give out. And now I have a big bowl of popcorn and popcorn balls. The balls are pretty good, so okay -- but I don't like popcorn so now I have a dozen packs of popcorn that I have no desire to eat.

I think I'm going to go door-to-door in my building and give it to my neighbors. Maybe they won't consider robbing me later. Or maybe their friend will be thinking about robbing me and they'll say "dude, no way -- she gave us free food." See, my gift of popcorn could really pay off in the future. I'll be sure to give some to the RA too -- we have health inspections coming up, so maybe that'll pay off.

How did yall make out?


Anonymous Leah said...

I can't believe you had no trick-or-treaters! I always had TONS when I lived in the dorms, and I would always run out of candy.

I didn't have tons at home this year (which is weird -- we used to have a lot), but there were definitely plenty. I still have candy left . . . but not too much. At least I had a lot of candy, so I gave generous handfuls out to kids.

If you really don't want the food, I'm sure your neighbors would love you for it. Buttering up the RA is definitely a good idea.

7:26 PM  

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