Tivos should be free.

Why aren't Tivos free? They should work like cable modems. When you get broadband internet access, you don't have to buy the cable modem, they give it to you. Then when you don't pay for access anymore, they make you give it back. Tivo should be like that. Why should you pay 150 dollars for a box that will only be useful as long as you have the service? The Tivo should come with the service. That or the 200 dollar black box you just bought should work without a monthly fee.

Thats what I think.


Anonymous Leah said...

how much is the monthly fee?

also, they're selling Tivos for $50 (after rebate) right now . . . I think. I saw a commercial for it the other day. It's tempting, but it would just make me watch more TV.

7:04 PM  

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