This is what happens when I actually get some disposable income

I just toyed with the idea of buying myself a new iPod. I say toyed because I came to my senses and realized that someone as broke as myself has no right to buy something so expensive that they don't need. For my birthday I got just enough money to squeeze by buying an iPod. Of course I have next to nothing (read: barely grocery money) in my checking account to survive on and I won't be getting paid this weekend -- so really, I should probably consider NOT spending it ;)

Though SOME of that was given to me for my birthday so I'm damn-well gonna spend that! I'm going to keep it set aside from my other money so I know I have a right to treat myself to frivolous things (read: clothes. I know thats not frivolous but it's also something that comes behind things like food, prescriptions and bills so I always run out of money before clothes are an option). This makes me happy. Not feeling completely broke for once in the past year is SO NICE.

See, this is why I keep a little list of things I want. I have been laughed at for having this list (izzy) -- but I keep a list because there's lots of stuff I want/need, but I never have disposable income. So when I get a little money, my mind races with all the possibilities.

And I am MORE than pleased to say that not only did I have a AWESOME birthday, I also got to knock a few things off "the list." And what's so awesome is that they weren't just things I wanted -- they were things I needed. Sometimes when you get something you needed (i.e. vacuum) it's not cool. But in this case, I got an electric blanket to keep my toes warm. It's so nice to hop into a pre-warmed bed -- and those concrete walls of my cheap run-down apartment get damn cold in the winter. I also got an alarm clock that I can actually SEE the numbers on and a new AirPlay for my iPod! Yep, my iPod has rejoined me in the car. I got in the car yesterday and asked myself what I wanted to hear -- then I got all excited because I could listen to ANYTHING I wanted. It's like a whole new experience! Gifts like that are appreciated all the more, you know? They are thoughtful gifts. Rather than some random thing, it's something I'm going to use more days than not.

Oh and I weaseled a huge "Constantine" movie poster display out of my sister. Score!

I really did have a wonderfully awesome birthday. I just feel so... good and happy and loved. :)


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