Some times you lose a battle

So I didn't write a program I should have. To make myself not feel like a complete slug, I decided to cook a nice dinner, wash my laundry, and get some good exercise in. Awesome, right? Well my turkey will be done in another hour, I took a long walk around campus, and my laundry will be ready in an hour -- I might even IRON tonight.

So I'm freezing after that walk -- I underestimated the proper attire to wear. So I figure -- Oooo, I could use that nasty protein I drink all the time to make hot chocolate! I'm so on a roll here. So I heat up my 100% lactose free milk and add in half a scoop of vanilla whey protein and half a scoop of chocolate whey protein. I then pour that into the super-dooper-rubbermaid-protein-drink-mixer. No, I don't know what it's really called, but my bro gave it to me and it's one of the greatest unknown inventions ever. Have a powdered drink that you CANNOT mix without lumps? This fixes the problem.

So I'm all feeling good about myself and I begin to shake my hot chocolate up. *Shake shake shake* And then the top shoots off and I'm covered in hot protein. Covered. The kitchens covered, my shoes are covered, its all over my clothes, its in my hair, it's on my glasses. Now I need another shower...

Dang it. That spoiled my roll.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fly butterfly fly....

5:57 PM  

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