Shhh. Don't tell.

I went shopping today. Ok, I bought a bra -- that's more than justifiable. All my bras are too big and a bra is not something that should be too big -- take my word for it. Then I bought a shirt which I can wear to class OR work -- also justifiable. And then I paid 60 dollars for some red silk pajamas which I will (hopefully) soon shrink out of.

Ok, so if anyone asks, I totally got them on clearance for like 20 dollars. And if they call that bluff then I'm taking the "they make me feel sexy -- and that's worth 60 dollars, dammit" route.

I was trying on lingerie -- I know, but I've lost weight and I wanted to try on some sexy stuff - so sue me. At least I chose some reasonably conservative pajamas over the silk & lace chemise with matching G string. Which, BTW -- I want. Oh like you girls don't want to buy all the lingerie in the store too. I don't even have a boyfriend and I've still got some damn sexy shit stashed in my closet.

At least these make me feel sexy AND can be worn in front of my family ;)


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