Screw Thanksgiving, I'm ready for Christmas!

Now that Halloween is over, I'm so ready for Christmas. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving because I'll get to go home for a few days (only 2, gotta come back for work the next day). Plus, that's probably going to be when we celebrate my Birthday. But what I really want to do is get out the Christmas songs and decorations.

I want to get a tree for my apartment this year. I haven't in past years because I go home for the holidays. This year though, I'm going to be here at least for the weekends because of work -- and dammit, I gotta have my Christmas cheer. The whole place will smell like pine!

And I've already planned out all my Christmas presents (all but one). I even put them all on hold to pick up when I'm ready (AKA, when I have the money). Then I'll get to wrap them all! And put them under the Christmas tree that's gonna be in the living room! I can't wait!

Oh, and yes -- almost everyone is going to have a partially B&N Christmas. I can't help it -- but I picked out some great gifts. My sisters gift is actually one of the best I've ever got for her -- she's usually so hard to shop for. A certain someone keeps saying that I'm not to get them anything -- why must people say that? They take out so much of the fun. It's not about getting gifts in return, it's that I enjoy the whole thinking and planning and wrapping and giving. It's Christmas time -- there are some people I HAVE to get gifts for so I'm sure as hell going to get gifts for people I really like. My sister even said not to get her anything. Oh yeah, sure... that works. We'll all be in the living room and everyone will be opening presents from each other and I'll get one for everybody but you -- yeah that's gonna happen.

I wish I could go ahead and get them and wrap them up. I love wrapping gifts -- in fact, I could wrap empty boxes and enjoy it. I'm gonna have my own Christmas tree too! Only like 2 weeks till I can put it up. Well, three weeks. Three weeks and I can put it up.


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