The problem with open blinds on the first floor.

In a earlier post, I pondered if anyone else had noticed my Christmas tree. Apparently they have. Picture it:

It's around midnight. I'm going to the kitchen to grab a Luigi's lemon italian ice to get my sweet 'n sour kick. I'm in my pajamas. I turn to look at my gorgeous tree and I see... a large black man in a hoodie staring straight at me through the window.

Don't panic. Don't panic. He's just admiring the lovely tree...

I immediately want to lock the door... but I don't want him to see me rush to lock the door. So I duck into the kitchen. Then I peak my head around the corner to see if he's gone. Nope.

So I did what a normal half naked coward would do... hurry to my room and lock my door.

You think he's still there? You think he likes the tree?


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