Poppies for momma

Tonight I finally painted my mothers Christmas present. She's been wanting me to paint her a picture of poppies forever, so look -- I finally did. I think it turned out great. She really likes this style of painting and I like the colors I used.

I treated myself on this one -- I bought the biggest canvas I could afford, and a 20-dollar bottle of sculpting medium. Do you know what that does? It makes the paint super thick so it could hold a peak or nice brush strokes. Let me tell you, I enjoyed the hell out of it. I went with the mix on the canvas approach. I literally spooned the sculpting medium and 3 different yellows (plus a little silver and white for highlights) onto the canvas for the background. Same for the flowers. I love the effect that came out. Tons of texture. Yum.

It was hard for me to decide when to stop, I like to keep perfecting and this sort of style isn't supposed to be over-done or too perfect. So I finally just stopped. It's drying in the living room (hence the shine in the picture). I have a feeling that much paint may take a day or two to dry.

Moms gonna LOVE it. She won't be expecting it either. I had her a nice gift picked out -- and yes, she'd have loved it. But then I got to thinking about how I'd rather give her something more meaningful that not just anyone could give her. So this is what I picked.

And just for the record mom liked poppies before they were popular. They remind her of the trip we took to Italy -- she LOVED the poppy covered hillsides and has been hooked ever since. So here we go! I'm so excited -- I can't wait ti give it to her.

...And you know I'm wrapping this in penguin wrapping paper and putting a big-ass bow on it. :)


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