Yesterday, my family got together for dinner. Pictures were taken. Now that digital cameras allow us to see our pictures instantly, we got to browse them right then and there. This led to about thirty minutes of my family oooing and ahhhing over how much weight I have lost. (Yes, it was totally awesome). My sister-in-law even said something along the lines of "I know you're standing right here and I can see you -- but you can REALLY tell in pictures!" And I totally see her point.

This followed something my mother had mentioned earlier. She said she found a picture of me that she was going to show me to show me how much weight I've lost. I said "It's not the one of me at the luau party is it?" Yep, it was. That picture used to be on the fridge but I totally took it down because I looked so bad in it. Nothing ever stays hidden does it?

Oh and we found another picture of me right at the beginning of high school. My hair was a frizzy mess and so I said that I looked like Haggrid from Harry Potter. REALLY I did. So now my nephews been running around calling me Haggrid. Yeah. Burned by my own doing. I'd post the picture here for all to see, but it's really THAT bad.

I'm pleased to say that I look a million times better now. I only get better with age ;)

Funny thing is, I've always LOVED having my picture taken. Ask anyone. I just hate seeing pictures of myself. I'm odd like that.


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