Note to self:

Never post on a message board when angry. Never post on a message board when angry and thinking you are somehow clever. And ESPECIALLY never post on a message board when your friend eggs you on knowing that you're going to look like a total ass.

Thanks Izzy.


Anonymous Nathan said...

Sorry - but could not figure out how to email you
I have a blog at
I am an inveterate adventurer who has settled in India
I had a dream last night about a silver beetle - or it was a symbol in a dream that intigued me.
I looked in a dream dictionary under "silver" and "beetle" - and then for the heck of it - I wrote in Silver Beetle into google and got your site...
Any reason why Silver Beetle?
Just curious...
Sent by Nathan at

9:36 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

(I replied in email but I thought I'd reply here as well in case anyone happened to wonder the same thing)

I don't post my email address for two reasons: 1, spam and 2, It's my full name which I prefer to not publish.

Why silver beetle? Well, since i was a little girl I've always wanted a Volkswagon beetle. I just always have -- I've got Beetles everywhere (can't afford to get one yet -- but I will). Then the year I turned 16 they came out with the NEW Beetles! It was a sign! Ok, that has nothing to do with the point -- the reason the name is Silver Beetle is because I'm obsessed with Beetles and the Silver is because I like them in Silver. Nothing fancy or intriguing about it -- just thought it was a nice name :)

5:11 PM  

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