We passed health inspections with no help from China town in room 3. Really the only reason we passed was because my favorite RA did the inspections and would rather talk about the upcoming Harry Potter film and our birthdays both being this weekend then actually fail anyone. Works for me.

Health inspections always remind me of Meredith (which is why I was pretty shocked to see that she's once again tracked me down on the internet). Why, you may ask? Was she that dirty? Well, no -- or maybe yes -- either way it has nothing to do with it.

See, they had health and safety inspections just before I moved to Huntsville. Meredith failed. So the day I moved in -- when I first slid my key into my very first own door, I found a maid scrubbing the kitchen. This woman informed me that she was cleaning because of a failed inspection. then, right at that moment -- my very first roommate (Meredith) walks in with no pants. Ah grabs a drink from the fridge and says "hello" before going back to her room.

That was my first impression.


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