I'm loving the no-holds bared version of the Apprentice

WARNING: This has spoilers for tonights episode of the Apprentice -- if you are one of the high and mighty tivo owners, you might want to sit this one out.

Man, I love that the Apprentice has no rules anymore. Tonight he fired not one, but 2 people. There's only 4 on the team and one of them was exempt. A few episodes back he fired THE ENTIRE TEAM. Uhuh -- all of them. They sucked so bad that they all had to go. I love that. No more "everyone screwed up but who screwed up worse?" Nope -- now if you screw up you are so gone. I love it.

When he said that Brian was fired, I about screamed at the TV 'cause you all know that girl had to go. Thanks to the new no-rules thing he's got going on, they both went. Oh, and that taxi interview at the end was priceless.


Anonymous Leah said...

oh, wow, he fired the whole team? How will the show last with this going on?

I think that's so great tho. I'm not watching the apprentice this season (no time nor care for much TV), but I did love the one season I watched (with Raj).

12:16 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

You know, I wondered the same thing -- but it's great for ratings. I wasn't too psyched about this season until he started firing people by the handful.

They had a contest to see who could raise sales in a particular section of Dicks sproting goods. One team rose golf sales by 74% and the other team chose baseball -- their sales went DOWN thirty something percent. They didn't just not raise sales -- they DROPPED sales. Trump fired the whole damn team for such a horrible defeat. There wasn't a single person watching that night that was left without a gaping mouth after that. I swear there were screams of "holy shit!" and "No way!" heard all across America.

THAT'S what has me watching this season. That's like the ultimate twist -- whos gonna be fired -- your whole damn team. Good bye. They did that early in the season too -- I never saw it coming.

12:32 AM  

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