Houston, we have a problem.

So I'm fixing myself lunch before class -- a chicken wrap. I'm using Tyson's pre-cooked chicken strips. They're easy and I don't have to worry about food poisoning -- wrap them in a tortilla shell with some cheese and salsa -- yummy.

So I toss a fews strips on a paper plate and put them in the microwave for the instructed 30-45 seconds. I'm a boring person, so I decide to watch them spin around for 30 seconds. And 5 seconds in... they catch on fire.


5 seconds in my microwave and they're flaming. They were originally southwestern style, now they're char-broilled. And yes, I still ate them. I figure fire is a more natural way of cooking than microwaves anyway.


Anonymous Leah said...

they caught fire?!? No way! I've totally used those before and never had them caught fire.

FYI, this is how my brother and I use them. We make quesadillas on the George Forman with a folded tortilla. We just throw the cheese and chicken strips in there. In the time it takes to melt the cheese, the chicken gets warm too. MMM, quesadilla.

6:25 PM  

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