Holy Shit -- this so rocks.

Tonight was the BN mandatory store meeting. No, I was not psyched about going. Yes, there were some incredibly boring parts -- like "presentations" from the managers for each section (though when Courtney got pissed and started cursing about the magazines -- I have to admit, that amused me a lot).

HOWEVER, They did give us gift bags of free books. I happen to like that. Here's what I scored:

+ "Mars and Venus in the Workplace" by John Gray, PhD
+ "Sweet and Low" by Rich Cohen (Advance Reader's Copy which means it's an uncorrected proof which you are not allowed to sell -- AKA "cool" )
+ "One Bullet Away: The Making of a Marine Officer" by Nathaniel Fick
+"How Does Olive Oil Lose It's Virginity: Answers to the Enigmatic Questions of Contemporary Life" by Bruce Tindall & Mark Watson
+ A huge book of the "Ultimate Crosswords"
+ A sketchbook

The first three I'm going to have to find a good home for. The latter 3 I like and I'm keeping for myself. They're all the hardcover editions too. And, yes, I did consider taking them to some other BN and returning them for a store credit. That seems SO wrong though.

And guess what else? They had drawings for a few autographed books and I won one! I won a good one too. It's called "Eldest" by Christopher Paolini (Book two of the series). First, it's so autographed by the author and second, this book is HUGE -- I've sold a ton of them so I know it's huge. I wonder how much I could get on Ebay for it... ;)

Comment if you're interested in any of the books I've mentioned -- I may even let go of the autographed one for a price. ;)

This so makes my weekend! Don't you love a nice pile of brand new hardbacks that still smell like the bookstore? Mmmm.

OOOOOH! I just looked and this autographed copy is first edition too!


Blogger !*hey*! said...

hey i dont know who you are but i don't think you should be fucken' cusing on the internet!!!:)

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Leah said...

OMG :-) I loved Eldest. If I didn't already own a copy, I'd snag yours. The books are actually really, really good if you're at all interested in fantasy (tho if you're not, I could see how you wouldn't be interested). Wow, and a first edition and everything. Perhaps you should keep that for awhile. Paolini has the potential to become a great author, and he's really young right now (21, I think -- he wrote his first book at 16), so he's got lots of time to mature. Someday, it may be worth much more than it is now.

That sounds like a cool event. Maybe I should work in a bookstore one of these days. I think I'd like it since I love books. Maybe I'll cruise over to BN and see if they have any holiday part time openings.

1:28 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Well it wasn't really an "event." More like a store meeting that they HAVE to hold so they make it cool by turing it into a party with pizza and cake and presents.

Not all BNs would have the free stuff. Our store manager got all the free books at one of the national BN conventions that the upper people have to attend. Apparently, he gets all these free books and stuff and he packs it up and has it shipped back home to the store. Then they divide it up into bags and store it away until the yearly meeting. And no, the store manager didn't play himself up and tell me this, one of the other managers did. I guess that instead of saying no, he goes and gathers up all the free stuff he can.

They had about 5 autographed books that the drawing was for. I actually won the autobiography of the guy from MASH -- that's the one everyone wanted. I guess I'm just an idiot so I traded for the dragon book which was the one I wanted. It was almost a fight for who got my book. But I wanted this one so I traded with the guy who had it ;)

And all the books we got were all different. We traded around a bit. The Olive Oil and Sweet and Low books I got through trades.

I read up on the Sweet & Low book and I've decided to read it -- it sounds WAY too good to pass up. I know that it being a never-been opened Readers Advance Copy makes it valuable and I could keep it and sell it off in 20 years -- but what fun is that? You should look it up -- sounds great. It's about the family that invented Sweet & Low -- apparently they were torn apart by all the money -- lots of scandles and writing out of the wills going on.

I guess he got all the books from people pushing their products and trying to get it out to the people running the stores that will sell their books. But it certainly is a lot of books considering everyone employeed at the store got a bag and they have that many books in them. There was also promotional merch like magnets and totebags and T-Shirts. There was a New York Times tote bag that I'd like to have bought off the guy that had it.

2:31 AM  
Anonymous Leah said...

sounds like you got damn lucky. What a sweet job :-)

1:52 PM  

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