6 Months Post-Op

Well it's now been SIX months since I had RNY Gastric Bypass. I don't much care to post this month because it's disappointing to me (nothings changed much since last) but hey, I started doing monthly updates so I'll continue.

I've lost 53 pounds since surgery and 65 since April. I'm discouraged though, because I've only lost 10 in the past 2 months. I need to pick up the pace A LOT if I'm gonna make my goal of 160. I'm a third of the way there though and thats a whole fucking lot closer than I ever was before the surgery.

And for a few more numbers: I've lost 8 inches across my chest (damn), 2.5 inches across my waist, 8 inches across my hips (so thats where the extra room in the theater seats came from), 3.5 in each thigh, and about 1.5 inch in each arm. I've also lost 3 jean sizes, at least one shoe size, and a lot of bra sizes. So yes, I'm shrinking. I'm just just shrinking WAY slower than I would like (and may I point out -- way below the average).

I can't begin to say how much I appreciate everyones support. Honestly, just having someone say that they really do believe I'll make my goal is really encouraging and comforting. My family has been great about encouraging me, especially since they know I'm upset at losing slow. And apparently, now my sister is even considering having a lap-band procedure (she's not nearly as heavy as me, so she doesn't weigh enough to have the same operation I had).

The biggest shocker so far was one short statement made by my father. Without going off on and rampaging rant, I'll say that compliments are not my fathers strong point. Nor does the man pay much attention to me. He's seen me with neon blue hair and anime-pink hair and never noticed either one. But I stopped by his place when I was home for my moms birthday and out of nowhere he goes -- you can tell you've lost weight, how much have you lost? I told him I had lost 60 since April and he was floored that I had lost so much.

That was nice.

I also gotta mention Izzy ;) He hasn't mentioned it hardly at all and won't indulge my low-points. But the fact that he has faith that I'll meet my goal is quite nice to know. Quite. Especially because I believe that he really does think I'll meet my goal.

I miss all the sweets and goodies I used to live off of. I miss those a lot LOL. I think I could have cried in the bakery the other day -- ALL THE PASTRIES, THEY MISS ME. But I still don't regret doing it. I guess I might if this is all I ever lose, but it'll be a while before I regret it -- I still hold SOME hope, even if I never let it show.

It's also nice to be DOING something about my weight -- something that has RESULTS. For as long as I can remember (and I mean that literally) I've been trying to lose weight. Sure I've done diets and lost weight, but I always gained it back. So I hate being heavy as much as ever and I still have a negative self image -- but theres the knowledge that it's changing -- that I'm working on it -- that I took a concrete step to something I wanted and there's no going back.

This is the smallest I've been since I started high school. Pretty much since I can actually remember. So while I still feel like the goodyear blimp most of the time, it's great to know that I'm shrinking and will shrink smaller still.

So yall keep up the prayers and encouragement and I'll keep working on it. :) Maybe the December update will be EVEN BETTER.


Anonymous Leah said...

here's my encouragement: keep it up. how is the walking/jogging going? I have faith that you can reach your goal if you keep up with the extra moving (ie exercise). Perhaps you could start biking?

Sounds like excellent progress you've made so far. I'm pretty floored by those measurements. I must also say you're inspiring me to continue working out. Just knowing that your weight shift resulted in such a dramatic loss of inches really reminds me that I can trim several inches off myself.

continue with the good work and discipline :-) years from now, you will shock everyone you meet with old pictures.

12:02 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Lord I hope.

I havn't been jogging much because my ankle hurts a lot after I work 3 long shifts on the weekend. Funny though, I'm just about to go jog/walk. I figure I'll be SUPER productive today. I'm gonna toss a turkey roast in the oven and drop some laundry in the wash and go for a jog.

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Leah said...

just keep it up. remember that one day's setback is just fine (or a few days . . . or a stall for a little while).

do you write down the days you exercise? I find that really helps me. I write whether or not I exercised on a calendar. Then, if I met my goal for the month (ie exercise for 30 minutes on 15 days), I get to buy myself a pre-designated present (last time, a DVD of a TV show I like).

1:27 PM  

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