You. Are. Killing. Me.

It's been over a week since I went to the allergist. It's been a week since I had all those tests done. I still haven't heard back about the tests. That's fine, some stuff takes time -- I understand this. Tuesday I talked with a nurse who said that the labs were in but the doctor hadn't had a chance to review them yet and they would call me the next day. Cool.

Since no one called yesterday and I'm about to head to Birmingham, I just called them back. They asked me how long ago I had the tests done. I said a week. She said that some stuff takes 2 weeks to get back and that they didn't have them yet.

You lost my labs didn't you?

I told the nurse that I was told Tuesday that they had them -- and I'm sure they had them because the nurse told me some of the results already. Then they put me on hold. I've been on hold for half and hour now.

I swear this is the most crack pot messed up allergist ever -- and I'd post the name of the place in protest, but all I know is the name of the doctors that work there and it might not be their fault. It could just be a completely incompetent staff -- I'm becoming sickeningly familiar with this problem.

UPDATE: They found them. Most of it was normal but not all of it, so they are sending me back to have some more tests. Fun.


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