Washing Laundry

I never seem to get around to household chores until later in the day -- usually night time, actually. And the strange thing is that I woke up really early today. Well, for me at least. I was up at 9. Too much itching to sleep late.

I could attempt to post something without mentioning hives -- but then I'd also like to be living without them and apparently I'm just never going to get anything I want.

They're worse. And they just get worse... and worse... and worse. Shoot. Me. I'm barely hanging onto anything here. BARELY. I can barely handle life when my skin is normal -- I'm not cut out for this kinda of shit.

Speaking of, I've figured out what I need. Whatever it is that they give you before surgery to make you relax -- just before the anesthesia. Whatever that is -- I need that every morning. I remember talking to the doctors before they knocked me out -- I was totally relaxed. Thumbs up man -- I'm ready to take a nap now. What is that stuff? Can I get it in a liquid or a chewable? I think it would help me.

Today I fell asleep leaning against the wall. Must have been the benadryl and lack of sleep last night. I was in my PJs, and a hoodie -- with the hood on my head, socks and hugging my little stuffed dog. I'm sure I looked my age. There's three things that will get me through a long night. That little dog is one of them, and I'd explain that except that I can't really do it without ending up insulting someone in the end so I'll skip it.

Anyway, do I have a topic here? I'm waiting on my laundry to get done in the washer so I can stick it in the dryer. I ran out of clean pajamas. I need clean pajamas.


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