Wait! Don't anybody move.

There are no hives. It's like they forgot to show up... I don't know what to do. Should I wear long-sleeves just incase? Can I wear short sleeves and hope for the best? Shouldn't I be scratching? Am I jinxing it by mentioning it?

Ugh I was SO SICK yesterday. And there's so much crap to worry about that I was freaking out all night. I don't know if this temporary relief is part of a torture technique -- or Maybe God finally just took a look at me and said 'poor thing, let's give her a break.' Either way, I will happily take the reprieve -- thank you.

Test today. Ugh. However, I'm already more freaking out about the test I have NEXT Monday. These classes are killing me. And I've still got to find a job -- fast. (Don't make me mention the weight and money issues, cause lord knows they're in here running around with everything else).

Nickelback CD comes out tomorrow (October 4th). I'm gonna enjoy that.

When am I going to die?


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