Tis the season

Halloween is less than a week away... Time to carve a pumpkin. I have no idea what I should carve though -- last year I just went with a abstract kinda pattern. Most years I've done some nice detailed picture. I don't have the tools for that this year... not that that ever stops me. Should I just go with a face?

I need to go pick one up. How fun! Should I grab some candy to hand out too? I won't need a ton of candy, but there's always people stopping by to trick or treat. Hmmm. Should I get sugar-free so I can snack on it too? Or would I totally suck for giving out sugar free candy? I could give out something like popcorn balls. We shall see -- I need to go pick up a pumpkin!

Note to self: When driving to pick up a pumpkin, don't drive past the movie theater or you'll end up coming home 3 hours later with less money and no pumpkin. ALSO, carry a bottle of water in your purse because water at the movie theater costs $3.50 -- THREE-FIFTY! For that much, I can get a whole freakin' case of bottled water.


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