This coat was made for me

Tonight while shopping at Target with mom, we found the most gorgeous coat. I was gawking at all the ugly fur coats when I spotted this one in the corner of my eye. I wasn't particularly impressed by it, but it was lime green so I threw one on. I showed mom and she just gushed at how gorgeous it was. I pointed out that it was 70 dollars and took it off. She told me that I had to go look in a mirror. She kept on me so I finally went to the dressing room to have a look.

She shouldn't have had me look. I swear this coat was made for me. The picture does it no justice -- it doesn't show the fabric or the color well -- plus it makes the collar look huge. In person though... mmmm. It's exactly my style, exactly my color, and oh so flattering on me.

But it's 70 dollars.

Nope, we didn't buy it -- much as we both loved it and wished I could have it. I feel bad actually because I know mom would have liked to have bought it for me. We just aren't in a spot to toss 70 dollars out on a jacket I don't need and will soon shrink out of to boot.

Damn that's such a nice jacket though. If I get the chance, I'll snatch it up -- maybe it won't sell well and they'll clearance them out.


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