Still afraid of roaches too

Bugs scare me and I have no idea why. If I see a bug, I will kill it, yes -- but I'll be screaming like a banshee while I do it. Especially if it turns and starts to move towards me -- UGH. And lord if one gets on me I will go cry in the shower. Especially roaches. I would literally rather see a snake than a roach. I don't scream as much when I have to kill a snake -- but show me a roach and I'm dying.

And logically I know that chopping a snakes head off is way more dangerous. I know that snake could bite me and put me in the hospital. The most a roach could do to me is... well nothing really. But the roach -- the roach is just evil. I mean LOOK at them -- all those nasty legs and those long antennae and they're brown. Ugh -- why won't they just go extinct already.

Ugh! And those big ones that can fly short distances! If a roach starts flying, I will panic. Once I was in my moms yard and one fell on me or flew on me from a tree and I totally freaked out running around flailing. And somehow it ended up in my shirt (I'm telling you, I was panicking) but it stopped moving so I thought it was gone. Then I start doing the damage check and looking just to make sure it's gone -- lord when I saw that it was in my shirt, I ripped that shirt off right there in front of the neighbors and everyone. In fact, just remembering it makes me feel violated.

Can we develop something to just kill them all off? I really don't think they play that much of a role in the ecosystem -- we'll be okay.


Blogger Becki said...

I feel the same way about moths. One landed on a straw I was drinking out of when I was about 5. It was one of those giant moths, I swear it was as big as my face. I freaked. It ended up getting tangled in my bangs and my mom had to cut it out of my hair. Just thinking about it makes me shudder.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

She had to cut it out of your HAIR? My lord, you poor thing. Was it still struggling while she cut it out? I'd have died.

2:10 PM  

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