So, you went to jail -- Yay, for you.

Why is Martha Stewart so huge now? She's got the new Apprentice show on NBC and the new episodes of "Martha Stewart" are being hyped up on commercials. I just watched one of the new episodes and it's a whole lot of audience clapping for nothing.

So she went to jail -- who cares? Why is her "comeback" so huge? Oh and please note that on the Apprentice, when one of the girls said she wanted to cry -- Don't think Martha didn't throw out that women in business don't cry and that she had been through everything -- even jail. Man, that amused me.

Am I the only one who remembers that Martha was going downhill before she went to jail? Who cared about Martha anymore? Then she goes to jail, gets out and she's all the rage. Man. I don't know if you can attribute that to "perseverance" or just a keen business sense. The woman can even make jail turn out good.


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