So the video iPod is finally here

Now everyone can finally stop speculating. What I don't understand is why ALL videos in the iTMS are 2 dollars. A 3 minute music video is two dollars, a 10 minute Pixar short film (love that they have those available) is two dollars, and a half-hour episode of Desperate Housewives is two dollars. Shouldn't the price vary somewhere in there?

Oh and for the Desperate Housewives fans out there, you can buy the entire first season and put it on your new iPod. Now that's nifty. I read something about not being able to rip DVDs to it, but you know it's only a matter of time before someone puts up some freeware for that.

I gotta say, watching DVDs on my shiny new 60 gig iPod with 2.5 inch color display sounds pretty darn nice. Imagine traveling in an airport with THAT. The thing is tiny, has every song you ever liked loaded on it AND your favorite DVDs -- plus the Audioslave "Like a Stone Video" that Chris Cornell is so hot in. Man, I gotta get one of those.


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