I have gorgeous eyes and I'm told I have flawless eyebrows. But that's really hard to tell when I can't open my left eye because THERE ARE FUCKING HIVES ON MY EYELID AND IT'S SWOLLEN SHUT.

And I have a job interview in the morning. And class tomorrow. And I can't take any antihistamines because I have to see the allergist on Wednesday and I can't have anything for 4 days before I go.

This is anxiety. My psychiatrist wants to know why I have anxiety. Everyone can't understand why I'm constantly freaking out about shit. I HAVE MY MOTHER FUCKING REASONS, OKAY?

It itches, it's gross, it's ugly and horrid. And I have hives all over -- all over my face too, so it looks like I am the poster child for hospitalization-worthy acne. You know, makeup can't cover this up. How can I go to class like this -- MUCH LESS A JOB INTERVIEW. My throat better swell shut soon so I can give myself one of those shots I paid a hundred dollars for.

Find your happy place, Karen. Find your happy place.


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