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I suppose I should post about my new job, but I really don't have much to say. I just finished my third day. So far I like it. I like almost all of the people I work with. The job seems easy enough. I've managed to make it through all my shifts still smiling at the customers and wishing them well. So yeah, so far so good.

I'm still not happy about having a job -- no more days off to sleep late and lounge around my apartment. But having a job will be good for me, I think. So everyone say a prayer that I will like it and be happy there. Then call and ask to speak to a manager while pretending like you were a customer and had the most wonderful service from the young girl named Karen -- you know, get me in good ;)

Man, there is so much stuff in there I want to buy. I have to keep telling myself that -- one, I don't need any of it -- and two, I have no money. There's these cute little stuffed dragons that match some book and they are just SO ADORABLE and I want one. But do I need a stuffed dragon? Hell no. However I keep looking at how cute they are and they're only 15 dollars and I get 30% off... You see? And it's not even things as trivial as stuffed dragons -- lord I want everything in there. Books and non-books. And lord at the bargain books.

The location I work at has the largest bargain section of ANY B&N all over the country. And it's a little store in Huntsville Alabama. I find it fascinating. When books don't sell, they are sent back to the publisher. The publisher then sells bookstores the extra books at next-to-nothing. These "bargain books" are then sent out to all the different stores. The more bargain books a location sells, the more they will be sent. That's how our store ended up with such a huge section. We are talking hardcover books for 3 dollars. And they have those huge gorgeous art books that are usually 70 dollars for only 14. Man, I could buy ALL OF IT. And whats amazing is that the store makes more off of selling you that 3 dollar copy of what used to be a 30 dollar book then they do on the other books. Isn't that weird?

There's going to be a week near Christmas when we will get 40% off. I'm going to go crazy. I know I was going to try to keep myself from giving everyone B&N stuff for Christmas... but I won't be able to resist. Everyone's getting B&N for Christmas so you might as well go shopping and just tell me what you want ;)

Now the weekends over and it's time to switch my focus from work to school... blech.


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