RGIS -- A trip down memory lane

Someone searched for "RGIS sucks" and came across my little rant box here. All I have to say is...


That job was shit -- pure shit. RGIS is an inventory service (Retail Grocery Inventory Services). They don't just do grocery stores though -- they do everything. If you have stuff -- RGIS will count it for you. We did lots of grocery stores, department stores, clothing stores, stuff stores, I even got stuck counting liquid filled bras for 6 hours once. And yes, you can count just about anything for hours. Just counting. 4 cans of corn plus 6 cans of corn plus 20 cans of corn plus 2 cans of corn. Typing in skew numbers and prices and counting. God awful job. You have to wear knee pads because you are on your knees on hard floor crawling around for hours. And don't talk. Dude, don't talk or you will be punished. I almost always got stuck in some backroom inventorying piles of junk because if I was counting near someone I felt the need to strike up a conversation. Talking and counting is a HUGE no-no at RGIS.

Their promotion and raises are also totally messed up. That's why I ended up quitting in the end. I had hated the job for a long time. The hours were horrible and it put way too much wear on my poor POS car. We had to be available to work any hour anywhere in the 3 surrounding counties. So most of the time we'd have to show up someplace in the middle of nowhere when everythings closed and only the gang members are out at 3 AM. Dangerous annoying job.

But I was inventorying at a Kmart in Inverness one fine Saturday and this new chick was totally cherry picking. Now if you just choose to count the nice easy to count things, you can blow through a ton of sections quite accurately. But that's not the job -- everything has to be counted, not just the nice endcaps. So this bitch was just going around and cherry-picking her way through Kmart while I mindlessly counted the things she kept skipping because that was my job. And since she was going so "fast," she got an on-the-spot 50 cent raise. I remember it perfectly -- I was counting some cheap-ass bras when John gave her the raise. That was my breaking point. I quit right then.

Screw that crap. Some people loved that job -- had worked there for years. I just can't take that kind of work-environment. I need stability. That job is anything BUT stability.

And the uniform is horribly cheap uncomfortable polyester. Blech.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The company is an even more miserable place to work nowadays. I work at the global headquarters and the company was recently sold. The new "partners" have decided to cut pay, toss people out on the street who have worked there for years, and move jobs overseas. Crap crap crap. I hope the whole sh*tty company goes under.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I worked in the global headquarters for a few years. It was a good company but my boss was a complete NUT! I didn't know the company had been sold - to who?

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to know that I'm not the only one venting about this f-up company. I was stupid enough to become a Team Leader 2+ years ago. I too got the 'overseas' e-mail and it says NOTHING about giving more pay/hour if you do sign up and go . Only that 'expenses will be covered' ... more bs to add to the already mounting crap-pile. And of course there is the whole thing with 'temping us out' to other companys... If I wanted to be a Temp worker I would go to a Temp Service. I am contemplating the right time to drop of my portable and machines at my AM's doorstep and burning my grey shirt in his driveway!!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a former district manager and my experience with RGIS was good in the early years but got progressively worse as the Nicholsons became crazed by greed and the lure of more money. They screwed everyone in the company out of their pensions and then sold us all down the river to Simon Legree (oh sorry, Impala Partners). It is my hope and prayer that the whole shitbox collapses down around their heads about the second week of January.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never worked at another company that so actively tried to screw its people out of pay as RGIS. Raises are promised but never given, auto allowances are never paid even when they ask you to drive your car to some town in the middle of nowhere, and they are constantly trying to cut costs by nickel and diming the auditors out of tenths of hours of pay. Nothing but a bunch of greedy bastards if you asked me!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It used to be a good place to work. Went downhill in a hurry after it was sold.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who the fuck is simon legree?
i am amazed at the morans who have manager and director jobs out of default meaning they dont need skills, talents, training,or communication they got the job from birth right or senority or i have heard through rumor some high stakes poker games, cant prove it though,it is crazy. it is like giving them a 100 ft yacht and they are to give orders to the crew to sail this yacht around the world and they cant even see the iceberg ahead they are going full throttle because they are calling all the shots and the crew is jumping ship because they see the iceberg but the idiots calling the shots don't there head is in the clouds thinking the ship has sailed for 47 years 'we must be doing something right'well the crew knows how to sail ships the stupid upper management dont if the ship sinks it because the idiots never listened to the crew and what insight they had to keep the ship afloat. stupid idiots.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes RGIS is the worst fucking place to work, i swear to god, me and my friend worked there the same amount of time, but since his mommy works there and has for a few years, hes making 50 cents more an hour, what the fuck rgis? i even count faster/ more acurately than him yet hes making 50 cents more because his mom is fast, not to mention we finally get the "60" day test for a rais about 4 months later, and then the rais doesnt even come thru for another month, FUCK RGIS i hope you burn in hell.

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes I use to love to work for Rgis but ever since they got rid of my division and made us put of a huge area Work has been hell. What or who the hell do they think they are piss us off my firing everyone from top managerment (vp of eastern div) to Am of the most popular area and Lets not talk about after putting five + years with the shit whole not getting anything in return is nutz and I know for a fact that this company will fall soon

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I worked for one of the RGIS divisions in Memphis and it was the crap. I quit in August 2005. I got tired of the DM and of seeing others who came in after me getting promotions. I called the other division in Memphis. The person who answered said that DM would call me back. Never did. Hope they burn in hell.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I worked for RGIS in California and ha ha ha, the Nicholsons had to pay BIG bucks in a class-action lawsuit filed by some RGIS employees in Contra Costa County earlier this year. All RGIS employees who worked for the company between 1999 and 2003 in California were invited to participate. The lawsuit alleged MANY rest break, lunch break (what are those, you RGIS employees may ask, right?), travel pay and labor violations. RGIS admitted to nothing, but agreed to settle the lawsuit. My share came to about $12,000 (net). That asshole RGIS company deserved everything it got. I can't count the number of times they violated all kinds of California labor codes, from little to no breaks, no lunch breaks (even in a 12+ hour day!), and tampering with the time sheet are but a few of the ones I experienced. The company is really shitty, and that's how they treat their employees. I can't complain about the raises though as I did get a lot of them, mostly due to the fact that my DM was drunk a lot of the time and he would forget that he had already given me a raise a month before, and give me another one. I echo the last person's comment. Burn in hell RGIS!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's January. Must be great fun at the "new and improved" RGIS. I wonder how many people are going to say "fuck it" and walk out this month.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If any of the districts are like the one I worked for in California, then each district will probably lose about 100 or so people in the first month.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

These bastards hire anyone. Watch America's Most wanted and you may get a reward because rgis doesn't screen anyone.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you do your job at RGIS you're fucked. If you cheat the retailer and put shit in you're machine just to run the total up the company praises you and gives you a raise. They like it if you kiss managements ass too. That will get you a raise. Hope the fuckers go down the river without a paddle. Burn in hell RGIS.

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

I have to agree with the last person's comments. I did my job there for about 18 months. I gotnot able to move past Auditor. I started at 7 an hour and left at 8.25. People would come in after me and get the grey shirt after only 3 to 6 months. Pissed me off.

I had to take a $3 an hour cut at the job I do now. At least the pay raises are better and more reliable.

I know of someone who got fired from RGIS for stealing Vigra. I think someone else got fired for stealing a carton of cigs.

6:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey the new and improve rgis is a bunch of shit. From the way that they try to schedule people. To hiring and rehiring the biggest losers on the planet. I been with the company many years and It has never been like this. My DM has been sitting on his ass not doing a damn thing as he watching the district fall apart.

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Anonymous The Misfit said...

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Thanks, and happy reading! Oh yeah, by the way, RGIS SUCKS!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Worst fucking company in the world. Lying, cheating, bunch of thieves. Hate 'em.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That DM that person talking about. Must be the DM in Dist#216. That man don't have a clue about his job. Only clue he know about is the BOTTLE he empty every night.This district is on the way out because of him n his scheduling person.Happy counting


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you guys are right... This company will be in deep shit once the impala people are done with them!!!!

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't blame the impala people for all of it. The Nicholsons are the ones who sold out their underpaid, overworked and constantly coerced managers. Mike and his fat ass old man Ray walk in once a month and pick up their millions while they put hundreds of lives out on the street. Fuck loyalty you lying bastards.

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like Impale Us Partners (oops! Impala Partners) have struck again. The massacre of the district secretaries has been matched by a bloodbath in the HQ IT department. I only wish the RGIS customer base was aware of all the goodwill (note heavy sarcasm) that these guys have engendered. Would you buy an inventory from these guys?

9:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No i wouldn't. But somebody will because of the employee that is keeping the company going. The new buyer won't look at that just the bottom line$$$$$.

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps a letter or two to express concerns to some corporate loss prevention and inventory control managers from concerned RGIS managers is what anyone who wants to save their jobs (the few that are left) should do. Don't be so sure that they won't listen. Walmart is watching very closely. Why not, what else is there to lose?

6:30 AM  
Anonymous 'Dukes said...

After reading these comments I've come away with a couple of opinions;

1) people don't know the concept of busting ass. To them the machine is not an instrument, to me it is. Use it efficiently; it's what gives you pride. I can't count the number of times some jerk has watched me count while I was an auditor and I just saw his/ her jaw drop to the floor; TALENT. And it was recognized early. As well as my management skill.

2)Those who left because of overlooked promotions; most people never say a word; we look for those that express an interest in furthering themselves. I know the people ; those that complain never wanted to work for it anyway.It was easier to sit at home and collect social services or run some SSI scam.

3) Those that complain about the departure of the Nicholsons; I can understand that you are angry about losing your cushy job. But since when should a salaried secretary make 100 grand a year simply for being around since dirt? Oh , you've been at HQ since dirt and they need to find a crap job for you? I would have fired you too. The Nicholsons were far to generous, but there is no need for a HQ token position to make more money than a district manager. Speaking of that, to the person who commented about the DM being drunk... say something. We need to weed out people like this as well as those that play favorites.

Overall; those that say "this job sucks"; maybe it's because you never turned it into a skill; When and if I count, you can't see my hand move. Slugs that are content to lay on the floor probably would quit; you've reduced the job to nothing and take no pride in yourself. Beleive me I've seen deadbeats like you come and go every January for 8 years.
You think you are gonna do any better elsewhere? Not with that attitude.
Those that complain about pay? Hell, the company will be rewarding efficiency directly now, so you slugs can go work at Burger King, that's all you were worth in the first place.
Over and out you crawlers and HQ dead weight, I'm not sorry to see you go.


8:47 PM  
Anonymous AgentSkelly said...

I have to agree with 'Dukes here

I've been with this for one year on May 1 and guess what? I love it! I show up 30 mintues early for all stores even out-of-district ones, and stay behind to pull tags and help setup sometimes!

First off, the conversation thing, it sounds like there was a correlation between when you had a conversation and the fact your piece count or accuracy went down. You can talk while on the job, but don't make it interfere with your job as a auditor.

Second, you do know that when you get your schedule, you can say no to a store. And also change your avaibility. Like I change my availibilty for the Winter and Summer.

And guess what, if I have a free day , I ask if there's any extra stores I can do and my AM will gladly find me something or even call around to another district if they need people.

New Chick is Cherry Picking you say? How do you know she was not assigned to do end caps first of all. And if she was Cherry Picking, well in my district, we just yell out "CHERRY PICKER!" and everyone looks at the person in question. Why didn't you ask her if she was doing Cherry Picking or told to do Endcaps?

You should of called people on when they are being a failure.

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like somebody's been drinking the kool aid. The only failure I see is the failure of the new owners to recognize the important contributions of all the good people they are running off. They don't talk much about the RGIS Way anymore. That must be because the RGIS Way these days is "to screw everyone, customers and employees alike, to make money by any means necessary, to completely drain the company of the policy of integrity that the company was built upon."

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what's going on? Is this new company merging districts now? So all of our little local districts will be working state wide now? Are they hiring based on availablity, meaning you have to be available all the time? Some people work days, some people work nights.... maybe they will have a single crew working all the time now. That's what I hear, at least.

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They will merge all the little district. Then have the good one work all the easy store. Then give the so so one the other store with the no good one. I have an area manager that is fair to everyone. He try to get the newer one to work a little faster. By tell them if he see them getting better. I think that is the key to get newer one strong mind about themself. He don't show he like someone better then other. He try to get them to do something more then they was doing before. I been throw three area manager n one nasty area manager they still have n the new one we got in november. He is the best thing to this district. He was a auditer before going to r area manager. So he know what it like to be an auditer.
Thank You for listing to me keep going n going n going

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As one of the crawlers, I say right now you can't count the bottom shelves from a squat. Some of us still belive accuracy is important.

1:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Accuracy is our Primary Concern"
"Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty"
"A Handshake, Trust"
"The RGIS Way"

Rest in peace, old friends

7:10 PM  
Anonymous AgentSkelly said...

Can't count the bottom shelves from the sqaut? I lay on the floor if I have to...yes thats right, imagine that.

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have worked at RGIS for years and I have quite a "love/hate" thing going on. Love my job, HATE the way that people are treated here. Is it that hard to show some appreciation to the people responsible for your nice, fat bonuses? I guess that makes even less of a difference now that they have done away with bonuses for area mgrs! I guess that it also means that those of us that are GOOD will get even less credit if that's humanly possible! C'mon RGIS if you want to grow and thrive quit cutting off your nose to spite your face!

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rest in PEACE D216. But now it suck to be in D228 with the cherry picker. I think my days r number with this company.

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so the company decides to take my district and get rid of the dm and merge us causing him to move to another state to keep his job and know they have promoted the dm to operation manager. She was to take over the combined district. Well I hope this job isn't going down the hill but if they don't stop soon they will lose everyone.

9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The RGIS way is no longer what is was...There is...
No Loyalty,
No Honesty,
No Trust.

It's all about lies and secrets..

11:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The massacre of the district secretaries ....

I've held my tongue on this for awhile and now I feel I really have to say something...
I worked as a secretary for over 20 years and I never made 100 grand. Not even close!! I really have to stand up for all the gals who are suffering from this massacre and say this is an extremely exaggerated figure. You all have no idea how this has affected our lives. To be thrown aside as nothing important anymore. We are all human beings. Some of us had to crawl and beg to even be put on to salary in the earlier days. How can you turn something so awful as to what has happened to us from corporate and say we deserve it because we made 100 grand. We never made that much, and you have no idea what you are talking about.

12:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Day one without a secretary in the office. It sucks. She's gone. I miss her already. What she did for us... no more. Who will do it now? She didn't earn 100K a year. I don't know of any one that did. She should have. She earned it. Instead she got fired. Her and the other secretaries.

We have also lost two AMs (one quit, the other got promoted), an AAM and many good auditors. They got tired of being over worked. Who's next? How long will it take before this district crumbles to the ground. How bad does it have to get before it gets better. I like my job. I like working for RGIS. If the company continues on this current path, it's not going to last much longer

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the district is falling apart no dm and no control,trying to find coverage for stores that are the next day. I love my job, But the we are about to crash, We are losing to way to many people and come on we need secretarys they did alot for everyone with out them my district we me a mess. Well we all can hope that they comes a ended point and it gets better or hope that the impala people sell again

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Core Everything said...

Wow, interesting stuff!

Ya, I used to have a pretty creative name for this company... well not really, but it's one that kinda stuck wiht my friend and such.

This job is completely insane! Anyone that hasn't worked this job doesn't know what it's like to work crazy hours. Who else besides a doctor would stay up and work nearly 48 straight hours?

Yes, all these changes are really making me question everything. I won' t go into a huge amount of detail, but I am currently working on moving up in the company, and the people that I am supposedly training under are omg... incompetent!

I've learned next to nothing. The only reason I am sticking around is because I probably make more than the managers, cause I pull some sick hours and I am one of the few people that are willing to work all the crazy hours, and do all the crazy things that are expected of me. Where I am from, I'd say if they went by RGIS rules as far as no shows and lates go, half the staff would no longer be working there. IMO, half the staff shouldn't be working there, period!

AMs getting the axe, and full time secretaries either put to part time, or gone totally. Now, don't get me wrong. I see the reason for the cuts, but we are talking about human beings here! I think they deserve a lot better here! The sad thing is, some people that are very valuable to the compay are now going elsewhere, and the dinosaurs of the company are sticking around to collect their retirement, which will probably be gone soon.

Yes, The company is really pathetic. They tell the customers that accuracy is our primary concern, but that's a bunch of shit. I've been told many times that behind the scenes, it's all about making profit.

The amount of money that the way uppers make here is alarming! And yes, everyone is right about the dumbasses they hire. OMG, I had to take 3 people off areas because they didn't understand about how to put in a sku right! The customer bitched about going elsewhere, and you know what? I can't blame them. THe excuses they got from above me was crazy.

All I do is work. I live in my car at times, and I have like no life at all. I can't wait til I save up a bit, and get on with my life.

It is so sad. However, that's the work force, and that's how things go, I suppose. I just aspire for more. Am I a rainbow hunting sucker, or what?

Either way, it's all about the $ now for me, and I plan on doing what's best for me now, and the company can go fuck themselves.

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat Moran (Nicholson family-son in law of Bill), Al Anthony, Hal Mechling,countless others. The company was highly profitable & there was "family pride". Now they are WIS. One Man's Dream, really Ray...this is what your father had in mind?

10:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding "Duke", who supports RGIS....

I still work there, have for many years.... I will bet that I can run circles around you, and have ten times the talent and understanding of RGIS....

RGIS SUCKS ASS!! The only reason I work there part-time is that every time I was about to quit they would give me another raise, and as soon as they took away our benefits, I became ill....
I am forced to stick with it because a cut in pay would destroy me, and I have no time for personal growth (to get out right now).

I have never seen a bunch more manipulative jerks in my life....
Duke, I bet you are an ass kisser.... I remember clearly, being forced to "shoot" stores, I remember distinctly working a 19 hour day with NO breaks, here in Colorado, and I remember yelling right in my DM's face, "I am not going to stop talking! So leave me the fuck alone!".... I got a huge raise because I do all the fucking work for the lazy jerks who ride the clock.
They are afraid to lose me because RGIS sucks, and I am expected to pick up all the slack.

12:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I worked for RGIS as a full time secretary for many years and was making nowhere near 100k a year (not even half that). In fact, I would guess many were underpaid compared to what other companies offer for administrative positions. I know many secretaries worked overtime in July and January but did not turn in the time because our divisions would have lost it. Good luck to the districts getting all of our work done in 19 hours a week. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in January. Yes, I have mixed emotions regarding my departure. I gave 100% to RGIS and this is how it ends. On a more positive note - Secretaries, if you haven't looked yet, get out there. You may be surprised at the opportunities available to you at a salary comparible to the one you made at RGIS. Remember, things will work out. Now go find a company that appreciates you and your abilities.

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We just went to a good-bye party for a secretary here in the Denver area.
They gave her a tiny severance package that will last her a couple months, because they couldn't find a way to legally fire her....
This is a fact, not just my opinion, and it is indicative of the lack of respect RGIS has for it's employees.

If you are an employee, DM, AM, AAM, Secretary... whatever, you better be willing to destroy your knees working for these jerks; because the counters who MAKE ALL THE MONEY FOR THE COMPANY will not be able to hold up the ass kissers.

I have worked my ass off for these people, put my personal goals on hold, only to be put in the position of being expected to mop up after lazy people that they can't control.

There are a lot of DM's who try to follow the rules, and so they treat there counters like shit, and lose them (but with no benefits, AT ALL, who cares). So, now that the DM's are the new secretaries, maybe they will wake the hell up.

The job market is good out there. So like the secretary above, I say, don't let them win. Go out and let them have some idiots running their Districts into the ground.

10:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it Is sad how RGIS has changed from a company to a money making machine. No longer worried about anything but the extra dollar going into its pocket. They no longer care about accuracy, honesty, or integrity. They expect the trust they earned over the years to still be there when they start to screw people over as other people watch it doesn't work that way. They earned the trust through hard work and home depot wal-mart not only should be watching but asking what will happen when the changes are complete should they still trust RGIS.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have worked for RGIS for just over two years and watched my DM become my Ops Manager. Now when I see her she looks like she is about to loose her job. I don't understand why they had to ruin what was a good thing. My district always made money and was always in the top of the division. I really hate to see how negative everything has become. As for Walmart and Home Depot, I hope RGIS looses them. I know that will soon mean I won't have a job but by the way everything is going it will be that way anyway!

6:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have worked for the company for 10 years and was recently promoted to AM(5 months ago) and now that they have new partners and all the crap going on with cutting positions(so they can keep 99cents of a dollar in their pocket) I got demoted back to AAM and my DM to AM, this REALLY SUCKS. I have busted my ass for this company and this is the reward I get????????

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was another casualty of RGIS - honesty integrity loyalty - yes those words described me well. Still do. I have no idea why I still feel the need to be loyal to a company that could not appreciate those qualities in an employee. My problem was a crazy boss that had no honesty and no integrity and the way she screwed over her employees and broke the law - I saw no loyalty to RGIS.

I believe that somewhere at RGIS there are honest people who really mean well, I also believe there are a lot of people who look good because they are sooo very good at cheating the 'system' - and I am sure you all have come in contact with those people. It is unfortunate that the 'cheaters' are the ones that stay and the people who really know what they are doing - through experience and instinct are the ones who go away.

I really enjoyed the years I spent working and I miss the freinds I made tremendously. I also miss the years that I wasted working for that company...and giving up time with my family and sacrificing my health to be loyal and hard working and dedicated. I think we were all a little bit nuts to take pride in the fact that we could work so much and so long without any breaks because we were all so tough. I know I lost several hundred dollars every January just for the time I didn't get paid - (ten minutes breaks not given and all the time spent prepping for and wrapping up a store - 'off the clock') If every one got together and weren't soooo afraid of being 'punished' RGIS might have to actually pay us instead of getting a slap on the hand and making changes after years of cheating loyal employees. From what I see - on the outside looking in - all theprogress made in the last 10 plus years has disappeared and things are going back about 15 years. ...and when people are feeling pressure, it puts pressure on everyone and that is not good for the customer...it leads people to lie and cheat and steal - ehich is supposed to be how people get fired - but not if they are 'making money' for the company...and where is the integrity in that?

My life is so much more complete without being a slave to RGIS...I just wish I would have left a long time ago. I miss my freinds...I miss the challenges, I really miss working with and watching people learn and grow and move up...I do not miss getting up at 3 am, I do not miss the incompetence of my last supervisor, I do not miss my weekends any more...and the yard work is getting done!!!

as I have told so many people throughout the years...it's a great part time job...just don't let it become your life. ...and use the job don't let it use you and you won't make the mistake I and so mnay other people have made.

To all of you honest hardworking 'lifers' ... hang in there if you must...this too will pass...and remember to support those you work for because they are going through hell right now with all the changes going on and they ae scared...change is good - too much change is disaSTRESS. The executive gurus ( and I think most of the people at headquarters) do not understand that without the 'just a counters' the job would not go on. The people paid and rewarded the least are the ones who do the really important work. Those with the talent and experience to do it well are becoming extinct. Keep counting because you count the most!!!

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where oh where to begin.
First some background so my opinion isn't blasted as being posted by some "lazy cherry picking noob". I have worked for this company for 2 years. I am an asst. team leader. My husband has worked for this company for 7 years. He is an Area Manager. I am personal friends with several DMs and AMs that have been with the company for 10-20 years. I love the actual counting aspect of this job. So, with that said, here we go.

Things have DEFINATELY changed around here as everyone has noticed, at least those of you who were here before we were bought out. The RGIS "Way" is definately dead. The "Corporate" way has forced it's way in. What does this mean you may ask. This means:

Centralized Scheduling.. No longer do they actually "work with" any availability you give them. You are scheduled, in or out of, your availability and expected to work it or receive a no show. ( I know this from personal experiance, seeing as I still get scheduled outside of my availabitly even being married to management)

Full-time secretaries no longer exist... meaning.. Between having to pick up the slack from what's left over after the part-time secretaries are done with thier hours for the week, doing thier own office work and being in the field we now have WAY over-stressed, non-rested management that is overly cranky and irritable making the auditors lives more stressed. (I also have to add in here that it makes the managements family lives stressed and unbearable also)

In larger metro areas, like ours.. the hire in pay has dropped. Hence making it hard to find reliable, experianced, good workers seeing as they can go down the street and get a normal job ( normal shifts and breaks) with better pay. Therefore we have stores that last longer due to lack of experiance, speed and accuracy.

Quality of RGIS employees...Hiring just about anyone that will walk in off the street and barely pass the math test these days is causing havoc. Due to the pay cuts and such and people leaving due to the changes... RGIS has started hiring anyone and everyone. This is causing serious issues in stores with staffing (people not showing), accuracy, appearance, attitude.. you name it. These new people just don't seem to care for the most part. We probably get one good new hire in out of every twenty that we hire.

Constant changing of management... Due to AAM's, AM's and DM's quitting for better jobs with less stress. All of the above mentioned being hired in at a lower rate of pay.. Meaning, less experianced people taking over said positions. Mass exiting of long standing employees due to loyalty to the managers leaving. ( I have seen this first hand in at least 3 districts )

HQ Management changes... Several long standing OPs managers leaving due to the new and "not" so improved RGIS. This is only adding to the already stressed out lives of management.

So to those who think RGIS is still the grand place it used to be, think again. This company is going down hill quick. I only hope it revives itself and goes back to how it used to be. As I said, I love this job. I love the counting aspect of it. I am the fastest and most accurate counter outside of management in my district. I worked hard to get that way. For now we are sticking this ride out to see what happens. As happens with a lot of companies that are bought out or bought into, RGIS is having one VERY rough time right now. Sometimes this lasts until the company goes under, sometimes it will pull itself out of the rut and get back to normal. I am praying for the latter of the two, but as every passing week goes by I lose more and more confidence that that will happen. To those of you sticking it out with me, good luck and thanks for sticking around. We need all of the good help we can get right now.

I guess i'll step down off of my soap box now...

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

after reading all these comments, i have come away with several opinions....

1. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!! don't really care why you're bitching, who you're bitching at, and who's to blame for you having to bitch....you don't like it leave the job!!!!

2. if you have left the job, and you're still here bitching about it, see number one

3. none of you actually remember the top gun competition, nor have any of you won it, if you have, you may ignore it, but till then, see number 1!

4. none of you know what in the hell you are talking about, you all think you do, but one, if you're an auditor, you know shit about being a manager, and if you're district management, you know shit about what goes on HQ level....so therefore, see number one!!!!

5. some on here want to talk about how amazed people get when they see them count....see number 1! while you gloat and brag about how good you are, i was the one picking up the three sides you just skipped to get to the paper towel side to count that fast....MORON shut the fuck up. i don't recall ever seeing you in hawaii for winning the top gun award....and believe me, if you were there i would have known, and then taught you that just cause your hand moves fast doesn't mean you're counting....

now if you all will excuse me, i have a store to transmit and another to get ready to run in the morning.

11:42 PM  
Anonymous BB said...

After reading all of these comments (including the main topic), I've come to a conclusion that people will complain about anything if you give them the opportunity to.

First off, I started out in RGIS in Jan 2003. My DM didnt know what to do with me, so my first store was Michaels. I had no idea what to do, so I just did what they taught me in Training. I COUNTED, and I SHUT MY MOUTH! We had ALOT of power counters in that store, so it took only 4 hrs. I remember saying to myself "I wonder if all stores take that long?" I soon was introduced to Grocery Warehouses, Albertsons, and some hardlines. I was blessed enough to receive a $0.50 raise before my 90 day review, which pushed that back to May 2003. Since then I've been called many words, but I've later heard that the new staff thinks that some of the previous managers were using me like a slave. I didn't care...my mission there was this (in this order): Custormer Service, Counting, & anything else that my managers assigned me.
I've had my rough days (and nights), but when it came to it in the end, I was an Auditor.
Now that I am an @sstiant Team Leader (Grey Shirt) (recently without a car), I have had to learn a few things that I didn't know. In Example, I had to learn how to place people correctly (some MANAGERS dont do that right [aint that right Ms. B of D271]), I had to learn how to supervise those people and "kiss up" to the store managers, and finally, I had to learn some other items.
Ok, I've ranted on too much...my point is: If you don't like a particular job / career, QUIT. Don't bad mouth or Flame the only company, just MOVE ON.

In the end, I quit RGIS for personal reasons relating to their equipment and some of their personnel handling, but I still have GR8 respect for EACH Auditor / Assistant Team Leader / Team Leader / AM, AAM, DM, Secretary, w/e that works for the company, and I would return to them if they needed me to help.

I even go into stores that they have done and clean up after some of their messes (not that few).

I recommend that this blog be terminated and deleted by the site administator. It's complete and utter BS.

12:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this is a great blog, the interaction and feedback is something that one can learn from. If you don't like some comments then maybe it's because they struck a cord and it rings true with you. But you can't tell your supervisor to jump in a lake or other comments because you may lose your job, but what you already lost is that wonderful strong voice you HAD before you started this job. To speak up and say this is wrong and make a comment to let someone else know it's wrong. But at that company they hold what you say against you and you eventually end up paying in your evaluations and a dime tossed to you for a raise. After you have humped your ass off working to play catch up on projects that were going down like the Titanic before you were part of the team. You lose your voice, and end up writing comments on a blog of the things you would like to say to someone who could totally make a ruling on your comments and look into the matter but I never found 1 person at that company that could do that (and there were 400 people at headquarters). Not one, and I would have liked to let the president know what was going on but the doors to the presidents office were always locked so the worker bee couldn't come in.

5:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooh so you were a top gun!!! ive been doing this shitty job since 1991,and was a top gun,but refused to be an idiot and go to hawaii and drive all over and work constantly for a PRIZE i won to go to the fine island of hawaii to WORK!!!!! ha-ha-ha you jack-ass!all of their little bonus',incentives, travel pay, parties you have to pay for, benefits,raises, have been taken away from us slowly but so dam surely.there is no fucking respect going to the auditors at allll anymore,altho nothing would be done without us, were the backbone,but their attidude is lets work them to death until they have knee-spurs and carple-tunnel syndrome and bad-backs and not offer health care to keep our employees healthly,instead when their laying on the ground exhausted and broken,they'll sweep us into the trash ever so quietly and hire new lower paid idiots that havent got a clue. one good thing i've noticed is that these new hires are smarter than the older employees,in as much as THEY WONT PUT UP WITH IT FOR MORE THAN 2WEEKS THEN THEY LEAVE!!!!!!! what a great idea!!! the new american way fuck your loyal employees outta everything so corporate can live large off our backs, got alot more to say but... why dont we all do something about it,band together and hire a lawyer and fuck them back as california did???? well??? fuck the corporate pigs on their big ass ships eating fillet mignon and drinking champagne while we travel through blizzards to god forsaken areas without travel pay??is your time worth nothing? i think of this very often,esspecially while im trying to garden my little 12 by 12 but my shoulder,wrist and elbow doesnt work anymore,due to the hazzards of the job. i also join in the WAR CRY,FUCK RGIS and the pony they rode in on. death to the corp. pigs,i hope they choke on their money.

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a note as a former auditor and 'top gun' - who the hell would want to count a side of paper towels - especially four foot sections - what a waste of time - any idiot who would thin that that makes them look fast needs to consider something else - the art of COUNTING has gone by the wayside and too many people think that if you 'key' fast that's what it's all about - well while you have 1-key/2-keyed 36 cans I have keyed in 36, 47, 19, etc etc etc - the job may be much more easier these days - when you auto scan practically everything but those old keyers also knew how to count!!!! Old auditors never die they just STOP COUNTING!
...seems to be the 'new' additude of RGIS - I know at least one of the Nicholson brothers didn't feel that way.

1:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had to laugh after reading Top Gun. You have to be kidding.

So tell us, what happened to the big Top Gun contest? I will tell you, those mother f------s got rid of it just like everything else. I remember the top gun contests, I also remember the auditors bonuses. Do you remember those? Oh yea, they did away with those so that they could offer health care benefits to the auditors. That lasted about a whole 2 years and then that was too expensive so they got rid of that and never brought back the bonuses.

I left RGIS a couple of years ago and it was the best move I made. My husband use to tell me that I was being screwed up the ass by them all the time, but no, I wouldn't listen. Now I realize how right he was. I cringe when I think about the mileage I put on my vehicle and the money I spent on gas and maintenance just to go to all those inventories and oh yeah I was a team leader and carted their equipment all that time in my vehicle for free.

Mr.(or Ms.) Top Gun, I didn't hear you mention how they gave you $15 a day for food in Hawaii. Can you imagine $15 a day. That would barely buy you lunch over there. And what happened to the 25 year trip to Las Vegas. See, they use to give anyone with 25 years a free trip to Vegas on their 25th anniversary. That's gone as well.

You sound very dedicated. But what exactly are you dedicated to? You get no benifits, you have no set hours, you probrobly spend a third of your working hours traveling and not getting paid for it.

So, think again. There are plenty of GREAT companies that are always looking for good dedicated people and give back to their employees rather than just take.

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It has been almost a year since I quit RGIS due to a crappy DM. There are things I miss about the job (the pay and holidays off) and there were things that really sucked (crappy hours, all or nothing type of scheduling).

I had been in the "RGIS Sucks" group but I guess time has somehow reduced that feeling. I don't plan on going back until I can get into another district or the current DM is no longer there. Does anyone know the DM for District 319?

12:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I been with the company Five years and have seen alot of disappear over the years. I just hope that this place gets a clue before they end up on the bottom and have Wis buy them out because this job is hell and their is no more chances for anyone. You want that am job it starts at 27 and they tell you we will raise you from that is bull and good luck to anyone who thinks that their district is saved mine was doing great until the call came saying that the district is mergering and the dm was told to sell his house and move 4 hours south. They haven't sent the old new letters that we use to get in years. what happen to the family like business. All I see is girls on the walmart and depots teams getting banged up all the time and leaving for the babys they didn't want. I'm getting out and for those who say it will get better overtime wake the f--k up and see that it will never improve.

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, go to www.cadwalader.com//list_quotes.php scroll down to March, start reading at Cadwalader and see how much the company was aquired for. It states $750 million, yes with a "m".

10:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok so you people do realize that this is the inventory business. It's not the company. If you don't like RGIS why don't you give Washington Inventory a try, if you like to get totally fucked out of money and respect. If you don't like inventory, don't do it, but that isn't the company's fault. Good luck at McDonald's

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Dick Ass hole, I mean Ashcroft said...

This is to all the ASS HOLES @ RGIS! FUCK YOU! I work part time, what am i saying, we ALL work part time. Or thats how they fuck us out of benefits, by classifing us as part time even though we do average at least 36 hours a week. The hours suck! The perdium money is a joke! and management can kiss my ass. speaking of management, WHAT THE FUCK IS UP DICKS ASS!!!!!! Lets fix colorado by firing everybody, importing fuck bodies from texas (his favoritest place in the world) yelling, screaming, threatning, and being a general MOTHER FUCKER, God, there isnt a strong enough term for how I feel about DICK ASS HOLE i mean ashcroft. You people thought you had it bad several years ago, at least if you did your JOB! You were treated OK, It was more like family, NOW ITS A NAZI DEATH CAMP. As for why im there... maybe im brain dead, retarded, or just plain STUPID! No wait, this is an expensive city and with hours like RGIS offers, I cant go out and find a job. You see im part time which means I work 50 or more hours a week. And Im sleeping or in transit to my next FUCKING store the rest of the time. IN CONCLUSION, RGIS, FUCK YOU, FUCKYOU AND FUCKYOU!

11:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I started at this company as an auditor and worked my way up to an AM. Ever since the new owners took over there have been WAY too many changes in management. All the DM's have been moved around more than i can count in the last 6 months, no one knows what the hell is going on anymore. Our DM cant schedule if her life depended on it, stores are constantly short staffed making managers come in to count in night time mall stores when we have morning stores, certain managers never have to work any nights or weekends. It's all bull shit and lies. Nothing they tell you is the truth and I can't wait to get out of this company cause it has gone down hill and is all political crap and the bottom line. i would personally tell anyone never to work for this company.

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was is no more and will never be again. Anyone who speaks well of the company, in its current state, has been allowed to shove their head up the new guys ass (or, well.) You can speak poorly of the new turd (and should), but the org. turd is the one who turned his back on many who helped him get what he has today... nearly every, single, step, of, the, way. Sad way to say "thank you for making the journey with me". "A family run company"? too funny. The best part of the family is gone or walked out, only the wicked, greedy and pathetic remain. How sad, how very sad.

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So the above is not misunderstood, I fall under the "pathetic" group. Thousands of good people have come and gone and a few great ones as well.

6:18 PM  
Anonymous Ryan W said...

RGIS is currently under a class action suit in Texas, but the lawyers involved are trying to take the suit nation wide.

Contact information is at http://rgisovertime.com

If you were screwed out of pay in "Travel Time", waiting for RGIS to provide transportation, refused breaks and lunches, or any other form of illegal activity....contact the firm listed on that page. The more people that participate, the more of a possibility we can be compensated for our losses in working for RGIS.

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work for RGIS and a trained monkey could do this job. ITs easy work and pay but there is a downside and its a biggie. The managers refuse to give you lunch breaks, then after you are done they add 30 minutes to your paperwork to make it look legal. They also have you sign in on a sheet that says at the very top that you are signing acknowlegding you are recieving your breaks. Yes they are that rotten. They also change your sign out times after you are gone to cheat you out of your pay. Theya re really sneaky about it. You have to be diligent and check your paystubbs for the missing hour here or there. Oh and you can't call payroll to fix the problem you have to go through your own office even though there is never anyone in the office. I refuse to do out of town inventories. They are not worth it. You spend more time in the car unpaid than you do actually working. I also refuse to work more than one store a day. They schedule you 24hours without anytime for sleep. When you get the schedule you have to weed it all out and send back which stores you are able to do. And that wont stop them from trying to call you in. They also schedule against your availability too. I can't work tilla fter 6 and constantly get scheduled at 4. Then you get the weeks where you are'nt scheduled at all. Now if they had some intelligence they would spread the inventories out instead of piling them all at the same time!

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Then you get the weeks where you are'nt scheduled at all. Now if they had some intelligence they would spread the inventories out instead of piling them all at the same time!"

In regards to this statement, each RGIS office doesn't schedule the inventories.

The stores schedule it when they want it.

Just clearing up that little misconception. Otherwise, everything else is spot on.

8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The stores schedule it when they want it."

The stores can request some days and you have to honor it for some accounts but most DM's like my old one, are just greedy and schedule as many inventories in one day as possible. They would schedule so that you technically needed 90 daytime people, how thats possible when we only have about 50 is beyond me. The best was them scheduling a KMart from hell and a Kohl's salesfloor on the same day. The company is greedy and stupid plain and simple. They care about no one but their own wallets

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i worked at Headquarters and was one of the casualties of the first layoff, both me and my wife not to mention so many of our friends. It has been 7 months and they just did another layoff right before Christmas!! RGIS SUCKS!!! I worked there for 5 years and it really was a good job but once they sold the company it went and is going down hill fast

12:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only did they fire another 30 or so right before Christmas, like the above poster stated... it went down like this. Wednesday, they have "years of service awards" everyone gathered downstairs, people were called up, hands shook, 10-15-20, etc.. year pins were given as "thank you for all your hard work" the VERY NEXT MORNING they fired near 30 people, some of which were "recognized" just the day before for thier years of service. One person had just been given their 10 year pin, another their 15 and another 20 year pin, I'm sure there were more award people dumped than the few I knew of. Give me a break, they have to enjoy this or they would have never had that awards gathering. Lets just hope that what goes around comes around. RGIS used to be "accuracy before profit" not so sure what they call it now, just my opinion of course.... I just wish they would remove "The RGIS WAY" from the advertising. The RGIS WAY used to be what we lived and died by, now its just a slap in the face if you ask me. I hope their customers start looking hard at the other options out there for inventory taking. It can't hurt to check the others out. I say this for the customers sake and own wellbeing... That company used to be awsome, just awesome........ its just so sad to see what it has become, and it continues. Get those payout numbers down as far as you can boys, then sell before the place crumbles...right? hmmmmmmmmmm, what do you think? just my humble thoughts of course.

10:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anybody left that has been around for awhile...are the ops manager and vp you work for screaming constantly and threatening to fire you if you look the wrong way? I am convinced that reality has set in and they realize they are the ones who will soon go from six figures to the poor house. What goes around comes around. All I can say to that is -- good. Payback has no mercy when you treat people like shit.

1:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard there is a new inventory company out there that AST started ... anyone hear of it? I think its called PICS. I think I'd check them out if I was a store looking for a new, fresh company to take my inventory. Hell, even some of you people might be able to get a job there.

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new inventory company is called PICS and they are currently looking for experienced Auditors. the website is PICSINV.com

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

coscos is hiring in the warehouse 12.00 to start a lot of lifting. Everything that goes around, comes around, the assholes that made you squirm for a 10 cent raise, the assholes that stunk up a room just by being there, the assholes that were fake and who wanted people to follow them around, the losers followed them one by one and fought to stick their fucking head up the managers, directors ass to be part of a click when you look in the mirror you all look the same somebody who sold their soul for a paycheck. A piece of shit is more attractive then you guys.

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good day to all. My name is Dan Sheffield and I am the President of North America Operations for RGIS. I have been with the company for 31 years and started like many of you with knees to the floor and was a fair duck walker in my time. I have held positions in the field as auditor, team leader, area manager, district manager, regional manager and operations manager. I grew up in what many have called the “old” company and I am part of the team transitioning the company from a family owned business to a professionally managed one. I penned the RGIS Way; believe in the importance of our core values and a strong commitment to our customers. All of which can not happen without our most precious asset, our people.

Our people are RGIS. RGIS is not the old owners, new owners, me, you or any individual but rather all of us. The success of RGIS and each of us rest in our ability to operate as a team, to believe in the same core values and base our decisions around them. Honesty, integrity and a commitment to excellence should be at our base while we pursue our goals of accuracy, customer satisfaction and efficiency. If we base our decisions with these thoughts in our mind, we will make decisions that support the direction and culture we seek to the benefit of all of us.

No matter what some have heard or experienced, RGIS truly desires a motivated workforce as it is critical for our company to reach its goals. We want to hear from those that have concerns and feel assistance is needed. As most issues involve individuals, a public forum is not an appropriate venue if we are to respect individual’s privacy rights. Therefore, we have established an email address ( speakfrankly@rgis.com) to receive communication from those that would like to provide input as we seek to continuously improve the working environment and, as a result, the services delivered to our customers. We will respond to earnest individuals and will treat each communication with the respect and confidentiality it warrants. Likewise we ask that any return communication be treated in the same manner. Publication of what should be held as private will only serve to discourage continuance of this effort. We truly want this to be successful and become a valuable source of feedback.

Thank you.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog is "honesty" in its pure form no sugar coating here. Something must have hit a bulls eye. How many people gave you their consent before you hit the send button? Exactly, people on this blog don't need to go ask "mother may I do this"? They are adults who share their wonderful experiences and fucked up experiences without anyone telling them what and who they can say it to, let freedom ring!

11:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Dan Sheffield, you may be a loyal man to the company - or just afraid to speak the truth as WE all know it! Or maybe you just can't put yourself in our shoes... because you weren't forced to. Let me take some time to bring you into my reality. How nice of you to say "We will make decisions that support the direction and culture we seek to the benefit of all of us". ALL OF US??? But wait, just exactly WHO is ALL OF US? Well, apparently I was mistaken because I could of swore I was apart of the team. When these people came into partnership with RGIS they were directly asked if there were going to be any changes made, they lied to our faces and said there is nothing for anyone to worry about. Quote "As long as you're not riding along on anyones coat tail there's nothing to fear". My husband and I were both HDQ employees, immpecable attendance, outstanding reviews. Both promoted outside of the Control Center, I to ACS and he to IPM. During the 6 years we were there, opportunities arrived for us that could have had great financial advancement, but nooo we said why leave a great company that we've already established ourselves in. We actually thought we would retire from that hole! Maybe be someone like you Danny. We never trash talked the company, of course there were horrible days working with people that we questioned if they were on work release, and some of the rules we didn't necessarily understand but we followed them and backed them because we thought that was apart of the RGIS TEAM WAY and in order to succeed with it you must believe it. Well, things have changed and so have our opinions. Our dooms day was April 6, 2006. And lucky old me was the very first from HDQ to be "laid off". There were rumors going around of an approximate percentage of each department being let go. AGAIN, Paul Satan, I mean um Paul Street, had an e-mail sent out stating some more lies about how this was not true. We took the high road and actually tried comforting those that were afraid and said don't get all worked up for nothing, every company has rumors! Looky, see now, Paul has addressed the rumors and there's nothing to prepare for. You hearing me Mr. Sheffield or anyone else that thinks like you do? Had we been directed with honesty and respect like normal human beings do we could have been prepared for this. This decision was not made overnight! I had absolutely NO idea that I would be escorted out of the building that morning AFTER my shift was over. I was treated like some kind of criminal having to turn over my badge on the spot, unable to return to my cubicle and box my own personal items. Six dedicated years- maybe thats not long to you, maybe I was just an RGIS baby you say- but don't forget that's how you started out. I sat in the parking lot sobbing, couldn't drive, very nauseous. I returned home to my husband. He was getting ready for his day with RGIS. Having no idea that this would also be his D-day. Six week severance ran out quickly. Unemployment was very tough to live off of. 401k, very small- maybe groceries for a month. Then they don't want to pay out our Pension Benefits because "At this time it's administratively unfeasible". What the crap is that? They sweep our legs out from under us and keep what is ours, just because legally they can. Desperately seeking work in Michigan? Good luck. Many times passed not being able to pay car notes and mortgages, kids are confused why things are changing. This impacted our family like YOU could never believe. Something YOU might only see on Oprah or something. Who in their right human mind would put people out like that not preparing them especially in an economy like ours competing with thousands of Ford, GM and Chrysler engineers. RGIS WAS NOT HURTING FINANCIALLY!?! RGIS profits have never went down. We were part of that profit making, and this is how we were repayed. We would have taken pay cuts, cut our benefits or vacation/ personal time. There was a better solution. Heck, we would have demoted back to the Control Center. We were only making about 30,000 a piece. We know of people that would have opted to leave, they are still there!?! They can't leave because they can't find work elsewhere. Same boat as us. Yeah and it get's worse, they have since then hired new people to fill some of the Control Center positions, they won't hire any of us though even though we could run that place with our eyes closed. Money is the root of all evil. This situation makes that evident. May God have mercy on all of us. Including you Paul Street. And Dan, we don't need "speakfrankly" email- This one is just fine with us. Amy Rosemary (formerly Garcia)

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dan Sheffield, you must be living in your own dreamworld way up top at RGIS.You need to get out in the field and see all the RGIS hypocrisy in action.I`ve been with RGIS for more than a decade, serving as a Team Leader for most of that time.There has never been any "honesty, integrity and committment to excellence"ever in my district!Our motto has always been "do anything, including cheating, so the bonus checks keep coming."I`ve been through about three dozen District and Area Managers during my tenure, and not a single one was above cheating and plugging totals in stores. Not one!In fact the most unethical and sleazy managers were the ones that have been promoted to DM, OPS Manager and higher.What committment to excellence? The people who are the most honest and have integrity--the supervisors and auditors-- are often punished for their refusal to lower their standards and cheat.I have personally witnessed many instances of good auditors being given the worst lowest productive areas to count to deliberately ruin their APH.This so the management can lower their auditor`s pay in the name of APH, thereby increasing their profits and bonus checks.Plugging and batching is now the semi-official policy of RGIS.Dan, you are a pathetic idiot not to know what is currently going on out in the field.
I sugggest that you management brass take a closer look at your field offices. Instead of your superficial yearly audits, maybe you should send some undercover people to pose as auditors and supervisors to really see what is happening out here in the real RGIS world.You would be shocked in your findings in my district and many, many others as well.A little policing will serve us all better than all your outdated, trite, and hollow slogans.

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Dan Sheffield,

I would recommend that you talk to your boy Henry Schneider out in California. In the year that he has been there, it has become clear that the only way to get ahead is to:

A. Sleep with him (Ops Manager Lana Brock knows how to do this)

B. Be husband of someone who is sleeping with him (RM Rick Brock knows this well - how is it that he has more managers per dollar of volume than any other district in California? Hmmm...wonder what his bonus was...and wonder how much easier everyone else's job would be if they got as many managers)

C. Be his nephew (His nephew was just promoted to DM and is being paid $13,000 higher than the last DM was started at...less than four months ago...has the cost of living increased that much in four months?)

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To those that mentioned PICS... I'd avoid them just as much as RGIS. I've worked for them and it felt just like RGIS, but with a different skin.

Plus, I like the comment about them being a "fresh" company when on their website they claim to have been around for 28 plus years and have performed (a laughable purely BS) 10 million inventories.

I seriously wouldn't be surprised if those two posts were by PICS employees instead of just anonymous inquiring minds :P

11:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dan, met your son, Dustin, out here in Colorado....

I am now on my 10th DM, and every single one of them were cheating idiots, whom I helped get bonuses for. I was punished in coniving ways, because I was not suppose to cheat....
Ever since a cheating incident in Ft. Collins, CO, that got the DM fired, there was a backlash against cheating. This backlash is causing management to not get bonuses. So they are trying to take it out on the counters by lowering their wages.
The APH stats are skewed by years of cheating now, and after an attempt to lower wages of counters, RGIS is going to get into trouble.
The real problem is this: You took the old school DM's out of the field, and they don't know how to get their store supervisors to show up on time, ready to get people counting, and they was a lot of time. Since you are paying the employees to stand around at EVERY store, the cheating management tries to claim that they can't get employees to get their APH up.

The only money making DM I had, actually paid everybody more, and thus got a lot of loyalty and hard work.
Now we have AMs and DMs that don't even know how the computers work. They are just monkeys that push buttons, and they can't train anyone properly....
But what the hell, even if you read this, even if I wrote this to the open e-mail address, you would refer me to my fucking DM or Ops Manager, who I know WAAAAY than. I know more about how to create a sense of urgency, more about the computer system, more about labor laws, more about how to treat people that work hard for you....

You owe me a lot Dan. But I will take it like a man, because I can't blame someone else for letting you rip me off.

Did I mention that they still change the times in the portable, after you are gone.... I am documenting every one of them, by matching the portable time, and building a track record. Maybe I will sue ya'. ;-)

4:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dan Sheffield and his core group of yes-men are sell outs. He can afford to preach to everyone like a corrupt minister, because he's collecting six-figure bonuses while many are still trying to get by after they were unfairly demoted, transfered, terminated or told their pay would freeze because they were making too much money. He watched his best friend get demoted, and did nothing about it. As long as the money wagon trundles on, he can afford to blather on about the high road. His day will come too. Maybe he'll run a Dollar store somewhere. About his speed.

3:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


5:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rest in peace district 9 - it was fun while it lasted.

7:00 PM  
Anonymous RoughGuess said...

Hey, Dan was not that bad of a guy. I exchanged several emails with him. I'm a 16 year vet with RGIS (am I crazy? Maybe) - but I think he's gone too...

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used for RGIS in Jan 09. I was in the US Navy for 20 years, and did inventory alot. The main focus of inventory is accuracy, not speed. The people at RGIS have it wrong. It is better to be accurate than fast. I was slow at first, but began to increase my APH after working in a couple of stores. Ther terminated me by e-mail without a reason. Good riddance to this company, and I hope they declare bankruptcy, or are bought out by another company.

P.S. I finised my M.B.A. in two months, and would buy out this company and run it properly if I had the resources.

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stay away from this company at all costs. If you have been their more than 10 years you have a bulleye on your back. They will find a reason to get rid of you or they will just work you to death if you are a manager. Start looking now. It will take 3 months to a year to find work but I can tell you it will be worth it.

5:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"No matter what some have heard or experienced..."

Umm, Danny Boy, if they've EXPERIENCED the lack of respect, pay cuts, etc., it's not just bellyaching or rumormongering.

Don't you wonder about what your average auditor's experience is?

Why are there so MANY places that get such a massive outpouring of anti-RGIS sentiment, far surpassing any company of comparable size or mission?

You pay people very little money for what you expect. You have to offer something if you want a reasonably competent workforce. Treat them like crap but pay them well, OR pay them like crap but treat them well.

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just got hired at RGIS in Georgia and I have never seen a bigger clusterfukk of a outfit as this..No training whatsoever..Everybody seems stressed to the max AND ACTS LIKE THEY HATE BEING THERE..This is what I am doing..Just trying to count as fast as I can and I am not calling SKU checks on anything..I'll keep doing this till the dummfukk team leaders catch on..If they don't care about proper training I will do whatever it takes to just get through the inventory and the 1st person to talk to me like crap I will cuss out like they have never been cussed before..Kiss my ASS RGIS.

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well..It didn't take long for somebody to try talking to me like crap..A T/L greyshirt at a freds somewhere just north of Macon..I cussed this dude out bad..Even called him a lying MF'er and a boy and told him he didn't intimidate me and the DM (His Ex-Wife)didn't intimidate me..How in the fukk can you expect me to make store APH when All I get is the crap area's to count?..Huh?..No raise was ever gonna be coming my way..The stupid-ass DM even wanted me to be the district Smart-Space Guy at $7.50 an hour..No damm way jose..That position should pay at least $15-$20 an hour..DIST #132 can kiss it where the sun don't shine..Lot of good it did threatening my job because I came to work from day 1 two months ago to hit the road jack..RGIS is the worst outfit I have ever worked for..They are #1 in employee turnover and employee Dis-Sattisfaction..What tha Hail was I thinking when I thought I would give this a shot?..LOL..

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do not work for PICS!! The call RGIS the evil emipire, but they are just like RGIS. The manager of Cust Dev at their hdq. used to work for RGIS and he has some severe anger management issues.

1:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well this explains why I havent been fired yet I sometimes batch the hell out of product (because I see the Grey shits and I mean the more or less un deserving of the position Grey shirts batching the hell out of some of the product) but theres a few legit Grey shirts I dont mind working under other then that sometimes the hours can suck and the APH can be ridiculous in some store like over 2000 APH for the mid level at a B&N which is mostly impossible unless your getting multiple rows of the same books and you just count up and do a Qty scan or batch them.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess I was very lucky back in the Stone Age (the 1980s). Went to college part-time and worked my way up to DM just before I left. My teams took meal breaks (30 minutes) after 5 to 6 hours, and took reasonably spaced soda breaks. The time was charged to RGIS. Luckily I was able to get away with it as an AM (not sure about how the AM, DM, RM jobs are classified these days) for my DM was a woman of honor. When the Regional Manager griped about the paid breaks, the DM and all his AMs had a meeting with the RM and reminded him of the labor laws, with the subtle threat of going to the Atlanta media outlets if he did not concur. No problemo after the meeting.

Aspects of the job sucked, but I got my degree out of it. The company sounds like it has gone downhill fast. It was the Wild West when we started to get the bigger contracts, such as Home Depot, Costco (then Makro), Target, etc. Had to key in SKUs with those old brown machines, and conducted "financial" inventories with the old black ones the size of a shoe box.

BTW that "Top Gun" guy was a trip. One man's trash is another man's treasure, I suppose. Everything is relative. I went from RGIS/college graduation to a job in the Navy, eventually managing $2B+ in programs. One can make lemonade out of lemons if one tries. I can't complain a bit.

8:51 PM  

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