The picture of bad health & Everyone at Alabama Psychiatric Services can burn in Hell for all I care

I saw a guy attempting to run to class today. He was a rather heavy guy loaded down with books smoking a cigarette and he looked like he was in one hell of a hurry. Have you ever seen someone jogging or running with a cigarette? It's so very odd to see. Smoking is bad anyway, but if you're running and gasping for breathe, how is that smoke helping you? The guy looked like the poster child for the about-to-drop-dead-association. I'd have offered him a ride if her weren't smoking. It was just such a strange image to me -- it's stuck in my head. If the guy fell over and I ended up calling him an ambulance, it wouldn't have surprised me at all.

On a completely unrelated note, I hope that all the Alabama Psychiatric Services offices are suddenly engulfed in some 'Carrie' like hellfire earthquake. I've been to three of these offices now. Brookwood, Decatur, and Madison. For some reason, the whole system seems to be absolute bullshit run by only the most incompetent people. It literally angers me to a stomach ache. I got off the phone with them today and just wanted to throw my phone. And I'm stuck with them -- it's the only psychiatrists my insurance covers and my PCP doesn't deal with psych meds.

Burn in hell, APS.


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