Short Takes

~ The Papa Johns new Perfect Pan Pizza is so good. You should try it. It's weird because it doesn't taste like Papa Johns at all. The crust is completely different and the sauce is totally different. The sauce is much lighter and fresh -- a bit sweeter too.

~ I went to the dentist today to have my teeth cleaned. She asked me if I flossed and for a few seconds I thought about lying. I don't floss, sorry. Do any of you lie when they ask that? Am I a bad person for not flossing?

~ The dentist I go to is totally in the ghetto. But what's really odd is that there are 4 dentists right there in about 2 blocks. In the ghetto. And we aren't talking about an area where there are a lot of businesses. I don't get it. And it makes me wonder if the people who live there have really clean teeth. I bet they don't.

~ I've got to stop watching the Health channel. There's all these shows (for example "I Lost It") about people who lost weight -- the girl on there right now "went to college weighing 180." That's TV show worthy? My lord, when I hit 180 I'll be thrilled to death. And her boyfriend is on here saying that "he saw past the weight." Fuck yall -- 180 isn't THAT bad. Shows like this make me not want to go out in public. I'm gonna have to take a Klonopin if they keep acting like she was too fat to go out in public or I'm not gonna be able to go to class. And of course I'm watching this while having lunch. And I'd do my usual -- oh I'm horrible for eating, but I skipped breakfast and a girls got to eat.

~ Back to the dentist, I think she was threatening me. I have a cavity I need to get filled. I'd get it filled today if they wanted to do it for free -- but they don't. They wouldn't drop it -- she even looked up the price of a root canal and said "if you wait it will cost ____ or you can pay this now -- I can get you in on Monday." No. How many ways can I say no? She lectured me about it forever. Dude, I know how much money is in my checking account. You want to give me fillings and whatever that stuff they put on top of your teeth to prevent cavities is and you want to rip out my wisdom teeth and you want to give me braces too. I'm in college. I have a budget. I'll do these things eventually but right now they aren't on my priority list.

~ Driving past Books-A-Million reminded me of this lady that came in B&N this past weekend. She wanted her membership canceled. That's kinda odd because you pay for the card for a year and then you're done. There's no more commitments or anything -- you can forget you did it if you want. But she wanted it canceled right then. Why? She worked at BAM and felt "like a traitor." I really do think she felt bad for even being in the store. It was really odd.

~ I've seen three butterflies today -- in October. They were all orange & black, but I hesitate to say what kind they were because I can't be positive. One flew right over my head so low that I thought it was going to hit me. I saw another while driving -- it fluttered past my car while I was in the turn lane... and then it got hit by a car. I shit you not. I didn't think butterflies could get hit by cars. I'm not sure that it's dead or not -- maybe it floated just over the car like when you run into a drifting plastic bag.

~ Someone did a search for "Alabama Psychiatric Services" and my blog was the 26th result with the lovely quote of "Everyone at Alabama Psychiatric Services can burn in Hell for all I care." YES! That makes my day -- I hope they heed my warnings.


Blogger Dirk the Feeble said...

Hey, you can't use "Short Takes" unless you're George Carlin!

4:01 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Yes I can.

7:06 PM  

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