Need. Clothes.

Well... Having been hired for a new job on the same day I learn that I own 2 pair of pants (which happen to be jeans which can't be worn at said job), I had a bit of shopping to do today. I needed some pants and I needed them before Friday. First I went to Lane Bryant to check out any clearance (no paying full price for pants I'll shrink out of). That's when I learned that I am now a size 22... where as I was a size 28. Isn't that just so nice? Told you all my pants were too big. So I did pick up a nice pair of khakis. They were still over priced, but they were on sale and I was psyched that I can wear a size 22 pant now. My goal of 12 is getting closer...

Then I headed over to Target because one pair of pants ain't gonna cut it. Well the first thing I did was look for the amazing green coat. I couldn't help it. They didn't have it. This pissed me off because I was going to consider buying it for real if I could fit into a size down (the one I tried on the other night was the size I usually wear). So, I did the completely irrational thing to do and drove all the way over to Jones Valley to look at the Target there.

They had the jacket... on a sale rack. It was with the other jackets that were on sale for 50 dollars. You HAVE to be kidding me. I also tossed on the size down and not only did it look good, it fits perfect! Now I don't know about yall, but I call that a sign.

Yes, I'm wearing the pretty green coat as I type this post -- Oh I'm gonna wear it. I may be in my pajamas... but I'm gonna wear it. No, it wasn't on sale -- but since some idiot put them all on the sale rack, Target had to honor that. Nice eh? I also picked up another pair of pants. So now at least I have 4 pairs of pants that fit. Oh, and I replaced all my socks. ...and bought a new purse. I also considered some sunglasses incase my eye swells again, but I decided that we want to get rid of the problem -- not cover it up.

All in all, I spent entirely too much money today. Good thing I have a job now.

I also went through all my clothes. Yeah, I totally don't have any clothes now. But what I do have is stylish and looks damn good on me. A lot of it I'm just going to trash -- but some of it is really nice stuff. I've got 2 pair of pants, 2 tops and a skirt that still have the tags -- plus a lot of expensive things that are barely worn. Does anyone know anyone who is a 26 or 28 that is stylish? I'll give it away for free to anyone that wants to come get it. We're talking a few hundred dollars worth of clothes here. I'd be upset, but I'm too happy that I'm wearing the green coat and a size 22 pants.


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