Live like you were dying

So while I was driving, I heard the song "Live Like You Were Dying." It's not a great song but it made me think; what would I do if I were told I were dying? And I had a while to think about it.

I'd buy myself a convertible Beetle (stick shift) and I'd go on an adventure. I'd drive around seeing cheesy local attractions. I'd live 40-Dollars-A-Day style and eat out for every meal. I'd have dessert every night. I'd stay in hotels. I'd go to the Smithsonian for sure. Lot's of museums. I'd go to one of those places you always see in movies where you hike up to this gorgeous waterfall with a crystal clear pool at the bottom and rocks you can jump off of -- I've always wanted to go to a place like that. I'd drive to somewhere where there's snow and I'd spend an entire day making snow angels and snowmen and warming up by a huge fire when I got too cold.

And I'd document it all in pictures and write a book. Probably not a book that would ever get published, but a book none-the-less. I'd take pictures of cheesy local diners -- all the places I stayed and ate at -- pictures of the state lines I crossed -- and I'd write. I'd write how I felt, I'd ponder the great mysteries of life. I'd write about everything and funny stories I could recall -- I'd write about the people in my life complete with pictures. I'd document my last days in their entirety. And even if my book didn't get published, which is most likely, I could have it printed up for my family and friends to remember me by. Like a long goodbye letter.

If I didn't have anyone to share my adventure with, I'd still do it -- but I'd love it if a good friend went along with me. Just a huge last blast -- you know? And I'd play lots of monopoly. Especially with my family & friends. Sure it takes time to sit down and get it out and no one ever wants to -- but isn't it fun? Don't you end up laughing together? That's how I'd want to spend my last days -- laughing and adventuring with people I care about. Oh, and driving the dark grey convertible Beetle...

And maybe if I could swing it, I'd go to the Louvre and Spend some more time in Switzerland -- but I'd rather do the great-american Beetle adventure. Maybe if I had a year or so, I could do a great-American Beetle adventure AND a great European Beetle adventure too. What an awesome year that would be. I wonder if I'll still want to do something like that when I retire and actually have the time and money to do it?


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