Apparently, screaming at people in public can take you places. Big places. That's how Charlize Theron got her movie career. No, really:
Charlize's agent first spotted her acting talents after she went "nuts" in a Hollywood bank. The stunning actress was left furious after a bank cashier refused to cash a cheque her mother had sent her. So she gave the clerk a piece of her mind - not knowing she was being watched by the man who would give her the break she wanted.

She recalls: "I went to a bank on Hollywood Boulevard to cash a cheque my mother had sent me A clerk refused it and I just went nuts. After the shouting was over, a man handed me his business card and told me to get in touch I thought he was just another guy full of bullshit but he turned out to be a genuine talent manager called John Crosby"
And to think, she was having a really bad day -- a really bad day, and then her whole world changed. My break is coming, yall.


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