Home with the family

I came home to Birmingham this weekend. It's been a while since I've been home -- almost 2 months. It's so ...nice. I've been super stressed out lately. And I get the genuinely happy to see me vibe from my family. Not that they aren't usually happy to see me -- but this is the full on huge hug happy-to-see me. It's really quite nice.

(Of course it's nice right now... my crazy alcoholic sister hasn't gotten home from work yet -- but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it).

All the Halloween decorations are out -- and moms got the pumpkin spice candles burning. Man, I LOVE this season. The smells and colors -- LOVE it. And Cindy's gonna make pumpkin bread on Saturday. Mmmm. Oh, and last time I was home, I totally cleaned out my room... NICE. So I have a nice clean room with a huge soft bed to sleep in.

I hesitate to feel so comfortable here though. Last weekend I got pretty stressed out and wanted to come home but I made myself stay in Huntsville. I have to make sure that I know school is where I belong. Making my life in Huntsville is where I belong. No running home to mom. Home is only nice when it's every 2 months -- I have to remind myself that it wasn't so great before I moved out...

One of moms friends has sent me a huge box of stained glass from old church windows -- AWESOME. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow! Maybe I'll make some little decorations to hang around -- we'll see. I'll post pictures if I accidently cut my arm off.

And Saturday I have been invited to a "slumber party." For the uninitiated out there, when adult females have a "slumber party" that's code word for a party where... Well, how do I explain this? You know how there's Tupperware parties and candle parties and such -- where someone hosts it and they sell Tupperware or candles or pots or whatever and they make money off it? Well a "slumber party" is the same thing except they sell kinky things like vibrators and fancy condoms and 5 inch heels with boa feathers. Sounds fun, no?


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