A Haunting in Georgia

I'm watching "A Haunting in Georgia" on TLC. Let me just say, if I start hearing voices and seeing things and doors slam on me and a light is still flickering when I unplug it and I wake up with claw marks -- I'm not hanging around. I don't care if it's ghosts or demons or natural phenomena or if it's that complete mental breakdown finally sneaking up on me -- I'm so out of there. And if I had unplugged that lamp and it was still going crazy, I'd have smashed the shit out of it and started pleading the blood of Jesus over my house. There'd be a full on casting out of demons too -- complete with Bible readings.

Why do these people stay around these places? "Oh... it went on for years." What? Why didn't you MOVE?

I hope these people are all lying, because if not then they are just absolute morons. The guy claims that a ghost clawed him up in his sleep. *shivers* I wouldn't be playing any of those games. I'd be gone the second I woke up -- wouldn't even take a shower or get dressed. I'm just gone. Period.

I shouldn't be watching these shows -- I'm going to have nightmares tonight. And if I wake up with claw marks, I'm getting in the car and I'm going somewhere. I don't know where -- but I'll be gone... because I'm not a moron.


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