Dang -- that's bad.

I don't know why, but I've been watching a ton of medical shows lately. It's funny because my family loves these shows -- but since I know nothing of anatomy or medicine -- I usually skip them. So anyway, I'm watching some show about the ER on TLC and I am mortified.

First, is everyone that ends up in this particular ER rednecks or is it just me? This guy's sister bit his ear off with her TEETH. But that's not what's killing me. What is killing me is this old mans foot. He has diabetes and got a cut on his toe. Now half his foot is black and you can see the infection going up the veins of his leg. He said his neighbor told him it was gangrene and "that scared him." No shit man, I could have told you you had a problem there. Why didn't he go to the doctor? Why did he wait until it's so bad that his foot is going to have to be amputated to even go to the doctor? My lord. His foot is black -- and it doesn't even look alive -- it looks like something on a mummy. He didn't see this coming? I know he didn't just wake up like that. That had to be getting worse and worse for weeks. Damn. Just damn.

I watch these shows and cringe. I have no idea what the sick fascination is. Crazy stuff.


Anonymous Leah said...

the really sad thing is that sometimes ppl wait b/c they can't afford the doctor (no or inadequate insurance). therefore, they don't do anything until they can justify the ER.

also, more people end up in the ER who are more prone to serious problems. Plus, you think rich ppl will let you film in their ER. please.

I try to avoid those medical shows. It just creeps me out.

12:35 AM  
Anonymous skwid said...

diabetes is a terrible thing. the poor guy probably did not notice that anything was up until his foot was black. diabetics often lose the feeling in the extremities, i know because my dad is like that.
plus, if the guy is a diabetic, he quite likely also has quite poor eyesight. so that's how these things can happen.

3:21 PM  

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