Awww man, this sucks.

Hives are back. Yay. I'm posting to remind myself. Man, yesterday I went the whole day without them -- awesome. I took a nice shower and shaved and got all clean -- felt all clean. I laid down for bed without worrying about how I was laying and how much I was itching. And don't think I didn't thank God. My prayer went something like "thank you thank you thank you that the hives are gone. And thank you that I did well on my test today -- thank you thank you thank you..."

They aren't bad right this second... but I woke up coughing. And I want to think I just had something in my throat (which is now gone, and don't worry -- I'm calling the doctor in the morning -- no one yell at me) but I'm thinking... yeah, no.

But yesterday, when they were gone -- I totally admit that I didn't have a care in the world about going to the allergist and back to the doctor -- they're gone, I'm good. So serves me right. It was like night and day -- I went from 24 hour itching to fine... and I was fine with it being left at that. So looks like I'll be calling the doctor in the morning and asking why they still haven't called me about the allergy testing.

Allergy testing... looking forward to that. When am I just going to go ahead and choke already? Why do I get stuck with the most irritating thing possible -- just on the verge of a hint of the really bad... but really just the grotesquely annoying. Figures.


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