5 Months post-op

Today marks exactly 5 months since I had weightloss surgery. I'm down 48 pounds since the day of surgery and 60 pounds since April. I can finally notice that I've lost a little but I'm still extremely disappointed in how slow I'm losing. Seems like the scale hasn't moved in FOREVER. I'd post measurements but then I'd have to take them and I'd probably get depressed and regret the lasagna I just ate.

Mmmm... it's good lasagna too -- I made it. I've been cooking so much lately. I was on this frozen dinner kick, now I'm on the cooking kick. I made some awesome chili the other day with turkey instead of beef -- my nutritionist would be proud. Usually cooking seems so expensive because there's a lot of ingredients and I'm a college student so it's not like I have a pantry of stuff. But when I'm just cooking for me, taking the time to cook a full course meal is worth it because I can stick it in the fridge and have full course homemade meals for days! Ok, so it's the exact same meal... but I'm not that picky.

Anyway, I'm psyched to finally be able to tell I've lost some. I've lost 2 (or 3 depending on cut) jean sizes! So hopefully I'll have an even better report next month.


Anonymous Leah said...

congratulations on the loss!

to help keep you motivated, remember that you didn't gain all this weight in a few months, so you won't lose it in a few months later.

also, you might try something that worked really well for my friend. whenever she was tired, frustrated, mad, or just stuck, she'd go walk around the block, or two blocks, or as far as needed to not be so blegh. it took two years to see the difference in her, but it's so amazing to look at now.

just remember that change takes time, and you are seeing change over time. 60 pounds is a lot! don't sell yourself short on this great accomplishment.

I wish you luck in completing your goal. Keep us posted.

3:45 PM  

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